The Big Change That Could Be Coming To Print Media Advertising

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Have you noticed the change in the marketing strategies that we used a decade ago and the ones that we use today? If yes, I am sure you will agree that modern media has brought a revolution in the marketing field. Here, in this post, I am sure you will explore the big changes that are yet to come in print media advertising.

According to YouGov four out of five i.e. over 82%, people believed that the print media buying platforms like newspapers and magazine has the power to change the reader’s mind. Thus, print media is one among the most used strategies in marketing. You cannot avoid print media while forming your strategies and if you do so, you are planning to fail..!

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So, let’s explore a few changes that might make the print media a more effective tool.

1. Getting Hyper Local

The trend is that you may publish an ad in a newspaper and it will circulate throughout the state. The demands are changing; businesses now want to invest only in those ads that help them reach directly to their targeted audience. There are a lot of benefits of advertising your brand locally.

Thus, getting local is now the first demand to be fulfilled by print media. With the print media getting local, advertisers will need to pay less amount to get to the targeted group of people. This will help to maintain the cost per acquisition ratio.

2. Creativity

Making a long advertisement with text is as equivalent to not publishing the ad. Readers do not take even a single moment to know what it is about if the ad does not attract them. So, what do you chose, functionality or creativity?

With the increasing competition, there comes a challenge to show some more creativity in print media. The more the creativity, the more will be your conversion rate. Creativity could be implemented in terms of giving discounts, representing your product or service, quotes, attractive cartoon characters, etc.

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3. User engagement

Seeing at your advertisement, your reader should have your company or product in their mind. To achieve this, it is highly important to have a good user engagement. This is very well possible with the modern media or in other terms digital marketing.

This will soon be seen in the print media as well. There will be a need to put something very creative that will help you with user engagement. Ask some questions; let your reader make some guesses, etc. These methods will help you engage your users.

Once your user gets engaged with your ad, there are probabilities that he / she will discuss this with other people. This not only helps your users remember your brand but also helps you with the mouth to mouth publicity. To explore more read about engagement marketing.

This is how the new trend of user engagement, will bring a revolution in the print media.

4. Amalgamation of print media and modern media

This is the Internet era and utilizing the Internet for all the purpose is getting mandatory. The Internet can make things easy and quick. As said by ‘Two Sides’, 70% of the people read printed catalog as opposed to 11% reading online catalog.

One such example bringing a revolution to the field of hoardings and billboards advertising is GainBuzz.  GainBuzz is an online portal that connects the hoarding service buyers and providers. This helps you get the hoarding at the best place in your city. Moreover, having a huge number of sellers on the same portal, the buyer gets the deals at the best rates possible.

This way amalgamation of the modern media with the print media can bring out fruitful results. Sooner, these trends connecting the traditional media with the modern media will be seen more in the market.

Thus, this way the changes could affect the traditional print media and can take it to the next level. Print media, being one of the most favorite media of the advertisers since a decade, is given more importance as compared to other media.

The changes in the print media will help the advertisers to reach the correct audience with the minimum budget possible. This also ensures a higher rate of conversion and also will help you analyze which method is working best for your business.

With the detailed analysis and tracking, an advertiser will be able to find new ways of effective marketing. While planning the marketing strategy, what matters is your budget. Having millions of bucks for marketing makes the job easier but to manage your marketing agenda with a very tight budget has always proven a challenging task!

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