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Razer just unveiled its Zephyr RGB face mask officially!
In a recent announcement, Razer revealed the Zephyr RGB face mask

Razer just unveiled its Zephyr RGB face mask officially!

Razer just unveiled its Zephyr RGB face mask officially!
Image Credits: Monika (Twitter)

There hasn’t been a new update on Project Hazel from Razer in a while. After six months, we’ve had an upgrade and a new name. Read on for more information. As a result, Project Hazel has been renamed Razer Zephyr. In addition to changing the project’s name, the firm has made it available for beta testing on Twitter. Register at Razer’s Road to Zephyr webpage.

Zephyr is said to be safe, sociable, and long-lasting, according to Razer. It includes a face seal and anti-fog coating, as well as 99 percent BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency). Replaceable filters, a charging case with a UV light to destroy germs and virus particles, transparent glass to view a person’s lips, and a microphone and speaker to broadcast the user’s speech are just a few of the features.

The registration process is simple. Name, nationality, email, social media profile, and a description of why one would like to beta test an RGB face mask are all that are required. The Razer Zephyr does not yet have pricing or a release date. If the Bluetooth Xupermask worn by will.i.am is any indicator, it may cost as much as $299.

As the Delta form of the new coronavirus Covid-19 has taken over the world and become the dominant strain, infections in places with low vaccination rates have risen to levels seen in 2020. The CDC now recommends that everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, wear masks indoors.

Razer Zephyr RGB face mask

Razer Zephyr RGB face mask
Image Credits: Razer

Delta spreads 50 percent quicker and is 50 percent more contagious than Alpha, placing it on par with chickenpox. Therefore, simple fabric masks or bandannas will not suffice. 0.125 microns is the size of an Alpha Covid particle. Cloth fibers are just too large, allowing virus particles to pass through easily.

An N95 or KN95 mask, on the other hand, has a pore size of 0.3 microns. Covid must move in droplets or bigger clusters because of the greater pore size. As soon as a unit becomes available, we’ll get our hands on Razer’s Project Zephyr.

We’ll have a better sense of the design once the masks are in beta testers’ hands, but the Zephyr’s existence is made all the more genuine by the introduction of the program in the first place. Every step pulls this mask further away from vaporware, considering it went from a fun CES concept to a genuine item Razer was focused on manufacturing. It’s a different matter if it’s truly inexpensive, pleasurable, or practical to wear.

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