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Role Of RNG in Online Rummy

The fame of online rummy games is unrivalled throughout the world. After all, it is one of the top games of skills that provides unending entertainment to players while providing them with an opportunity to win sumptuous rewards. Although people love playing rummy online, some players believe that the apps may be rigged, especially when said players do not get very suitable cards. On the contrary, most rummy platforms today deploy the latest technology to ensure complete security and fair rummy games at the vibrant tables. One such software is the Random Number Generator or RNG. It is a software that provides random card dealing at the tables, thereby evading the possibility of any form of manipulation at the tables. Let’s dive deeper into this amazing technology and how rummy players and rummy apps benefit from it alike.

What is RNG?

 A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a unique mathematical algorithm that is used in computer programmes, primarily in online gaming, lottery systems, for cryptography and security. It is a complex system meant to randomly dole out numbers that cannot be predicted by any means. Since there is no distinguishable pattern in the appearance and generation of data, the numbers thus generated are termed as random. In gaming, a trusted and well-certified RNG software is used in games like online rummy, Poker, etc. The use of this software ensures that cards are randomly dealt to each player, without any scope of players estimating in advance which cards they’ll get.

Role of RNG in Online Rummy!

Every trusted online rummy app uses certified and tested RNG software to ensure fair dealing of cards for players. A Random number generator plays a significant role in ensuring the validity and fairness of an online rummy platform. It is usually the primary security measure players look for when searching for a reliable rummy app. Here are few reasons which explain the importance of using RNG software in online rummy.

    • User Experience: When cards are shuffled manually, as in the case of playing rummy traditionally, there is a high possibility of unfair card dealing, manipulation and subsequent losses to the non-dealers. It results in disappointment and often a loss of interest in the game. However, this issue is completely eradicated in online rummy platforms with the use of a random number generator. When cards are randomly dealt, there is little to no scope of any pre-made sequences; every player gets an equal chance to prove their mettle on the tables, resulting in a satisfactory user experience. 
  • Safety: RNG software’s use ensures players’ safety and security on the online rummy game tables. Since complex mathematical formulae and programmes are used in cards dealing with RNG, there is absolutely no scope for manipulating the system. It offers rummy lovers a gaming space that is completely safe and thoroughly reliable. Every RNG software is verified by an authorised establishment, such as the iTech Labs in Australia, often put through intense testing rounds to ensure randomness compliance under various scenarios.
  • Trust Building: Use of RNG software in online rummy helps build trust amongst players. They are no longer afraid of any card manipulations. The rummy app using RNG ensures that there is no means to recreate sequences, encrypt the security mechanism, or decode the algorithm. 

Can You Manipulate RNG?

The answer is No. Since an RNG is a compilation of complex mathematical algorithms and is usually encrypted, it is impossible to manipulate the software. To better understand why RNGs cannot be manipulated, it’s important to know how the software functions. A typical RNG requires a ‘seed’ to determine the initial point of sequences for random numbers. The seed is articulated in a way that any repetitive patterns are avoided to ensure that all sequences sprouted from the seed are impossible to predict. A wide array of parameters are used in varying combinations for seed calculation, thus guaranteeing no two seeds are the same. It results in an output that hackers can’t predict accurately, thus ensuring the play and dealing of cards in online rummy remains unbiased.

Why Rummy Passion Adheres to RNG?

The core values at Rummy Passion include providing a world-class gaming experience to players in a highly safe and secure environment. Rummy Passion deploys the latest technological solutions that guarantee fair and safe games to ensure players’ utmost safety on the game tables. One such technology is the use of a Random Number Generator, certified by iTech Labs, Australia. iTech Labs is a world-renowned gaming software testing agency that tests and approves all security software for gaming platforms. 

Deploying RNG in the website and app ensures that in any game played at Rummy Passion, there is absolutely zero manipulation at the end of the portal and that cards are dealt fair and square to every player. Compliance with the software helps build trust amongst players, enhances their user experience at the game tables, and ensures everyone gets a fair opportunity to prove their mettle at the tables.


The use of RNG software in online rummy completely eradicates the notion that there might be foul play at the tables. RNGs are commonly used in online rummy platforms. In fact, they are the first measure these platforms adapt to ensure fair games for all. The use of RNG ensures any scope of manipulation or fraud play is avoided at the first instance by dealing unique cards randomly to every player. If you are a rummy lover who’s just beginning their online rummy journey, it’s important to check out that the app you use is duly certified for RNG software and that the said software is authorised under the guidelines of The Online Rummy Federation (TORF).



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