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Russia might use crypto for international payments as sanctions tighten

Russia’s war with Ukraine is having a huge economic impact on most nations across the world in some way. However, the biggest economic aftermath of this war could be the sanctions that the United States is applying on Russia. With time, these sanctions are only going to tighten, and as a result, Russia might use crypto for international payments. So, this war could push one of the most powerful nations globally to embrace cryptocurrencies.

Russia might use crypto for international payments

Russia is already considering the idea of accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for trade. At the same time, some friendly nations are also being allowed to pay with their own currency. The head of the finance ministry in Russia is already discussing the use of digital currencies for international settlements. In fact, they have no other choice as Russia is already cut off from the SWIFT banking system.

SWIFT is a communications network used by financial organizations to securely communicate information and instructions using a standardized coding system making international transactions faster and more secure.

Russia might use crypto for international payments as sanctions tighten

Image Source: Blockchain News

The step of using crypto for international payments also means Russia’s Central Bank might not push for a ban anymore. This is huge as nothing else can come to their rescue at this point. And it will be hard, if not impossible, for the US to stop Russia’s trade if they use Bitcoin. Russia’s news agency reports that now it has become a question of when and not if. The questions are, how will it be implemented and regulated.

Russia could become the largest user of crypto

Till now, Russia has been more or less strict about the use of crypto. Its central bank had a negative stance on the industry and also wanted to ban crypto mining. However, if sanctions continue to tighten, Russia might use crypto for international payments and become the largest country to do so. It will be a major tipping point for the industry and give it a huge advantage. It could also mark the beginning of Bitcoin taking a major share of the remittance market on a global level.

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