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Samsung Galaxy S22 to have similar Samsung S21 Ultra feature, here is what we know
Here's what we know about the Samsung Galaxy S22's similarity to the Samsung S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 to have similar Samsung S21 Ultra feature

Samsung Galaxy S22 to have similar Samsung S21 Ultra feature
Image Credits: Gadget Tendency

Unconfirmed reports regarding the Samsung Galaxy S22 suggest that a new telephoto camera will replace one of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s best features. The existing telephoto camera on the Galaxy S21 will be replaced with a new 10MP camera with 3x optical zoom, according to sources speaking to GalaxyClub (via SlashGear). As a result, the Galaxy S22 series’ lower versions will be able to compete with the iPhone 13 and Google Pixel 6.

The 64MP telephoto camera on the Galaxy S21 delivers 3x hybrid magnification, but only 1.1x optical zoom. As a result, even though the Galaxy S22 may have fewer megapixels, it may be able to produce sharper zoomed-in photos thanks to its 3x optical zoom. It really implies that the Galaxy S22 will be able to match the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s lower-powered telephoto camera, which has a 3x optical zoom 10MP camera and a 10x optical zoom 10MP camera.

A new 50MP RGBW sensor, coupled with a 12MP ultrawide and 10MP telephoto, will be used in the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus, according to additional sources. Galaxy S22 Ultra is reported to come with an upgraded 108MP primary camera. What kind of selfie camera these phones will have is unknown at this time.

Samsung Galaxy S22 expected features

Samsung Galaxy S22 expected features
Image Credits: Sam (Twitter)

Exynos 2200, which some benchmarks claim is faster than Apple’s A14 processor from the iPhone 12 series, has been rumored to power the Galaxy S22. Furthermore, Samsung is said to be working on making the displays smaller, which should make them easier to use for the ordinary user. It is likely that the Galaxy S22 won’t be available until January 2022, so we have a long time to wait.

What else do we know?

What else we know about Samsung Galaxy S22

What else we know about Samsung Galaxy S22
Image Credits: Tech News Town

We haven’t heard any speculations about the Galaxy S22’s price yet, but we expect Samsung to keep the prices close to the Galaxy S21’s price range for this model. For all three versions, the firm lowered the price by $200, and we don’t expect that to change.

The Galaxy S22 will cost $799, the Galaxy S22 Plus will cost $999, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra would cost $1,199 if Samsung stays with its current pricing strategy. If Samsung announces the Galaxy S22 first, it will be fascinating to see if the S21 FE is delayed because of foreign chip shortages.

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