US Court Rules In Favour Of Samsung In $120M Patent Fight With Apple


27 February, 2016, USA: Finally the long battle between the two technological giants Samsung and Apple is over and it is Samsung who ends up on the winning side. On Friday, US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has rolled its decision in favour of Samsung over the long patent battle with Apple. This also means that Samsung neither has to pay a bounty of US $120 million to Apple nor it has to make any changes to its design.

Apple and Samsung have been battling over patents since 2011. Both companies have said that the other has violated patents they own related to mobile technology and design.

While ruling out its decision, US Court of Appeals said “Samsung  did not in fact violate patents Apple holds related to turning alphanumeric characters, such as phone numbers, into links, as well as the iPhone’s slide-to-unlock feature. The court also reversed an earlier jury decision that Samsung violated an Apple patent on auto-correction.

Apart from that, court also awarded $158, 000 to Samsung for Apple’s alleged infringement of a patent related to the way photos and videos are organized in folders. Samsung argument in the case centered on the idea that Apple’s patents are invalid and obvious, and should not be a legitimate means by which the company could collect damages.

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