SBF says he's 'deeply sorry' in apology in an apology letter
SBF says he's 'deeply sorry' in apology in an apology letter

SBF says he’s ‘deeply sorry’ in publicly disclosed an apology letter

The former CEO of FTX Sam Bankman shared his apology letter in which he mentioned all of the mistakes which did to the FTX platform during the collapse of the FTX platform. Sam Bankman has been presently staying at the headquarter of FTX company in the Bahamas. Showcased his apology through a publicly disclosed letter in which he mention all of the mischiefs which went wrong in the collapse of the FTX platform in recent times. 

In recent tweets, he also mentioned that he will be traveling to New York City to attend and speak at the DealBook summit hosted by Andrew Ross Sorkin.


This week the news and media platform DailyMail Share the picture of the former CEO of FTX Sam Bankman while he was having his stay at the property owned by the company from which he has already resigned. These pictures created strong ire in the crypto community as to how a person who has been responsible for such a big keep collapse can live freely in his Penthouse in the Bahamas. The Twitter communities have been discussing the Possible mental thoughts of  Sam Bankman while he has been staying in his Penthouse in the Bahamas and these twitter communities are making fun of his living in the present situation.

What did Sam Bankman mention in the apology letter?

In the publicly disclosed later to all the users of the FTX platform. The former CEO of FTX  says that he has been sorry for all the things which happened on the FTX platform and he has been regretful about all these situations in the Crypto market. He further mentioned that all the users on the FTX platform were like his family and he has lost all of these users trust in their FTX platform. Sam Bankman further in his letter mentioned that will not be able to return all the assets which all the users invested into the FTX  platform as the company has been bankrupt now.


Sam Bankman further mentioned that it was his fault for the lopsided operations of the FTX  platform as he was not able to work instantly on all the operational issues in the FTX platform.

The FTX platform has been undergoing bankruptcy proceedings in the US presently after due to the monetary crunch at the platform and was not able to complete its withdrawal request from users within 72 hours of these huge withdrawal requests FTX platform collapsed. The issues of sudden withdrawals happened into the FTX platform because of FTX’s token’s legitimacy in the crypto world and its rival company Binance announced to sell out all of FTX’s tokens in the next few months.