SBI holdings plan to launch a crypto fund in Japan

SBI holdings plan to launch a crypto fund very soon. The fund will have a lot of currencies which will give a diverse array of options to investors. More often than not, people are stuck in a few investment options and miss a lot of opportunities. The fund will change that by giving everyone the option to diversify their portfolio with ease.

More about the fund by SBI holdings

Being one of the largest financial companies in Japan, SBI’s crypto fund will also be grand. It is reported to be launched by the end of November this year and will be Japan’s first crypto fund. The company’s asset management president said that the crypto fund would invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum. But other than that, they will also put some amounts in XRP(Ripple), Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Considering that altcoins do much better than Bitcoin in a bull run, this diversification is very important for higher profits. At the same time, all these coins are well-established, which means there is little risk in investing in them.

SBI holdings plan to launch a crypto fund

The company’s asset management director also said that there would be a minimum investment limit of nearly 1 million yuan to 3 million yuan ($10k-$30k). And only those who understand the volatility risks of cryptocurrencies should invest. Do note that SBI holdings also plan to launch a 2nd crypto fund in case their first one does really well. In fact, this 2nd fund could be designed more specifically for institutional investors who have very different needs and demands. They are selling their fund to the masses by explaining the importance of diversification and its power.

The problem in Japan

Japan has one of the strictest laws on cryptocurrencies, making it incredibly difficult to launch crypto funds. SBI holdings have been planning to launch their fund for over 4 years now. But due to the ban on companies from selling crypto products, they have stayed away. This is why they have finally planned to launch the same using an anonymous partnership. The companies main goal is to make people understand that cryptocurrencies can be a great way to diversify one’s portfolio.

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