5 Startups Who Have Experienced Upto 100x Traction Increase In ScaleMinds Acceleration Program

scaleminds acceleration program

Accelerator programs are known by the number of startups they have effectively funded and set on the path to growth. Here it is a case of literally putting your money where your mouth is and ScaleMinds has proved yet again that it is one of the best accelerator programs offering the right funding opportunities and mentorship to the startups that have cleared its rigorous criteria.

It is in recognition of its excellence as an accelerator that ScaleMinds was awarded as the ‘Best Startup Accelerator Program’ of 2017 at the Global Industry & Academic Excellence Awards 2017. 5 startups under the aegis of ScaleMinds have already received a funding of Rs 10 lakh each.

According to Nainesh Kapadia of ScaleMinds, “today, with the way the Indian economy is progressing, the time is ripe for investors to look at startups as an investment avenue. The right startup with the potential to make it big can earn huge returns for investors. We at ScaleMinds understand how to harness the power of startups and provide them with the much needed impetus to succeed, even hand holding them through things like creating a business model, strategizing a business and marketing plan etc.”

ScaleMinds will select 20 startups over next 6 months for its accelerator programs. It has received  more than 2,300 applications and selected 5 quality  startups till date. ScaleMinds continues to invite applications for their accelerator program

Five startups that have already made it through the accelerator program are Myfutball, Taxgenie,Funky Dory, HRiS365, Navigers.

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Trushit Buch, Founder of MyFutball, who was a part of ScaleMinds Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) and then got selected for the accelerator program,said, “For me the biggest arbitrage was essentially the hands-on learning from folks who have actually built business. The value that ScaleMinds brings is immense both from strategy as well as tactics perspective. The support structure is extremely efficient and supportive. People at ScaleMinds genuinely want to help you build your business. Leadership team of ScaleMinds along with Akshit Gupta, Co-Founder of FundTonic helped me from concept to prototype to actual business model/execution both from macro as well asmicro level.”

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