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Secretive CIA Websites Could Have Been Found By an Amateur As Per Research Findings

According to recent reports, a research finding claimed that an amateur could have discovered the secret websites of the CIA. Read the entire article to learn about the complete story.

About the websites

source- britannica.com

“Knowing only one website, it is likely that while the websites were online, a motivated amateur sleuth could have mapped out the CIA network and attributed it to the US government,” Citizen Lab said in a statement. Citizen Lab added: “The reckless construction of this infrastructure by the CIA reportedly led directly to the identification and execution of assets, and undoubtedly risked the lives of countless other individuals. Our hope is that this research and our limited disclosure process will lead to accountability for this reckless behavior.”CIA spokesperson Tammy Kupperman Thorp said: “CIA takes its obligations to protect the people who work with us extremely seriously and we know that many of them do so bravely, at great personal risk. The notion that CIA would not work as hard as possible to safeguard them is false.”

So basically CIA makes use of a number of websites for its secret communication and these websites happen to be flawed which is why security researchers claim that they could be found out by amateurs as well. These flawed websites reportedly led to the death of American sources in China in the year 2011- 2012. It also led Iran to execute or imprison the CIA assets. This matter was investigated by the security experts at the University of Toronto. They happen to land on research because of a tip sent by Joel Schectmann from Reuters. Their findings have put the safety measures taken by the company in question. They haven’t revealed all the information they found out but enough to make the company question about its safety and do something about it.

About CIA

CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency. It is the United States Intelligence Agency. Its main job is to keep the people of America safe and sound. It comes first in line when the nation needs to defend itself. It has access to various kinds of information in order to safeguard the interests of the nation. It is a government agency and therefore it provides the government with the necessary information required for it to make the best decisions and policies in the field of security. The agency has been quite successful in keeping America safe and strong all these years.



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