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Snapchat about to get a new feature of image search


10 July 2018, India:

Snapchat has always been the adobe of coolest things and this time it has come up with the most revolutionary investment.

‘Eagle’ is Snapchat’s newest project that will change the face of online shopping. This inbuilt feature has the potential to link the products the user has snapped to the Amazon listing of all the products snapped by the user. This feature has the tendency to identify objects, barcode, songs and other similar items and send data to partners such as Shazam, Amazon and others.

Snapchat’s camera search is likely to be a competition for Pinterest’s lens that has a very similar feature to the one that Snapchat is about to provide.

Although the company has not yet revealed its anything about this product but it’s earlier partner ship with Shazam and the reveal of Snapchat’s code line has helped identify the new project.

So as to use this feature, all you have to do is snap a photo of an object. The app will then display sellers of the product and its reviews. You would then be able to copy the Amazon link, share, and forward the info to friends. If the app can’t identify the product, it will respond by saying, “Bummer, we didn’t catch that!”

(Image – Snapchat)



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