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Snapchat To Launch New Features For Chat 2.0 Today


30 March, 2016, USA: Snapchat is revamping its Chat 2.0 today and its CEO, Evan Spiegel describes it “Say what you want, how you want. That’s how Snapchat’s reps.” The upgraded chat will have enormous features that will assist the users by making their conversation more lively and active. It comes with a special feature that allows the private conversation to adapt between mediums depending on what users want to show or tell, and whether they can speak up or must stay silent.

The app has the direct competition from Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp and while the two competitors have their own signature style that makes them different from others, with this move, Snapchat is planning to position itself as most vibrant, human way to chat.

The app is going for a total revamp today and in order to make sure its users don’t get confused by the new changes, it is explaining it all with the help of a Discover video which users can watch while scanning the QR Snapcode. Snapchat stories are now auto-advance, it has introduced more than 200 stickers, quick videos and many more such features are now part of Chat 2.0.

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