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Sony and Nintendo fans are locking horns as “Nintendo $60 game vs Sony $60 game” trends on Twitter.

It is time for yet another session of debating over which gaming console is better and worth the price. Is it Sony or Nintendo? The answers are quite diverse, so are the range of memes on Twitter. The fans of both these consoles are using the format of “Nintendo $60 game vs Sony $60 game” to prove the point that their favourite is the better one by pointing out a variety of factors like differences in graphics, quality, gameplay and so on. Although the discussion and fanboying are quite fierce, it is rather hard to declare one company as the best since both have their share of creditworthy titles. However, the innate futility doesn’t mean that the users are going to stop with the memes because they have been flowing in from all directions on Twitter. After all, the Twitter town never misses an opportunity to enjoy a meme fest!

Nintendo vs Sony

Some questions are best left unanswered and the question of whether Sony of Nintendo is better comes under that category. Unless the person concerned is ready for a fiery debate that can go nowhere. Most of the users, who aren’t too biased, are of the opinion that the choice depends entirely on the type of games one intends to play. Because each of these consoles has features and characteristics that are best suited for certain games. Despite this, there is a good majority who take sides owing to a variety of factors. While some are of the opinion that Nintendo stands on higher ground from a software point of view, others are of the opinion that Sony is the better bet when it comes to performance. Again, some are of the opinion that Sony’s reputation is great because of a fanbase that is quite loyal and stubborn, although that is a point open for debate and discussion. Taking a diplomatic point of view, both consoles have their pros and cons and it’s hard to make a choice. And since the choice is hard, so is the judgement. Although that fact hasn’t stopped Twitterati from going all out with the memes and responses. Well, when it comes to expressing loyalty and support, nobody can beat gamers. And that is well reflected on Twitter. Let us flip through a few of the reactions and responses that definitely prove one point for sure. No matter what, these two gaming consoles have got a pretty strong fanbase to defend them.




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