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Spotify Wrapped 2020: How to check your most played songs?

The all awaited Spotify wrapped 2020 is now out for all the Spotify users. This year, Spotify has rolled out a collective record of all the artists and songs users listened to during the entire year. The new Wrapped 2020 is different this time. What’s new? The Wrapped is in the format of stories view, just like the story feature on apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Earlier report sources claim that Spotify was already testing this format with celebrities like  Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, and others. Spotify already came out clean when asked about testing the Stories feature. It did agree to the claim, however, it did not release the information about rolling this feature out for all its users.

The Spotify Wrapped 2020 is available to each and every of its user in an intriguing stories format. This year’s Wrapped is a compilation of one’s top listened to artists and songs. It also comes with an option to share one’s music insights on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. When you check out your Wrapped 2020 you find a summary that list down your favorite genres, top songs, podcasts, top decade, top artists along with a number of artists. The paid users of Spotify also receive interesting badges.


How to check Wrapped 2020 and share on Instagram

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To check your Spotify Wrapped 2020 open your Spotify app on your iOS or Android device and log-in with your account. On the home page, scroll down to the homepage and you will discover the 2020 Wrapped tab. When you tap on the Wrapped icon your Wrapped 2020 will appear on another page.

The Stories portion is on top, and underneath it is your playlist with the top tunes of 2020 that you played the most. Choose ‘See how you tuned in 2020,’ and it should open up in the format of Stories like feature.

Underneath every Story, there will be an option of sharing it. When you will tap on ‘Share Story’ Spotify will automatically give you options of Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter. On the off chance that you tap on Instagram Stories, Spotify will open the application, and you will see this Story being accessible to share on your Instagram Stories.

Just like there is the quiz feature on Instagram, this time Spotify is giving out a quiz in its Wrapped too. It gives a number of options out of with you have to guess your top played artist and also decade.






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