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TammyTrade: The e-Marketplace With High Value Transactions In Agro-Commodities !

Tammy TradeTammy Trade was launched in Oct 2016 as a B2B global platform, geared for high volume, high-value transactions in agro commodities, lifestyle products, and office supplies.

The industry Trade part is more of online directories, which are content with providing information about buyers and sellers. In that sense, they are not their competition.

Even today, one will find portals that have enjoyed investment from VCs offering a limited technology bandwidth and stopping short of online payments. The team of Tammy Trade studied the market for a year, zeroed in on the gap in service offering, and positioned Tammy Trade as a B2b e-marketplace facilitating an end to end transactions and cashless payment.

Advantage Technology – Advantage Tammy Trade

Tammy Trade

Technology defines this startup’s product offerings. On their platform, the buyers can discover sellers by geographic location, request for proposal, and request for a sample and engage in price negotiation. All of this can be completed without making a phone call or sending an email. In addition, they have the advantage of Value Added Services through their accredited partners who offer insurance, logistics, packaging and quality check services. Tammy Trade also offers working capital loan through an accredited finance partner.

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Inspiration For Operation

The founders hail from large business families of repute with a track record of success in commodities trading. The co-founders have served in diverse verticals for over 20 years and they bring with them a wealth of management experience.

One of the co-founders, Mr. Abhijit Roy is a multi-faceted professional with rich experience in diverse businesses.

Tammy Trade

In a career spanning more than 20 years, he has held key positions in education, infrastructure, business consulting and FMCG. He has energized every role with his vision of business transformation. As an e-commerce evangelist, his constant endeavor is to highlight the vast potential in the B2B space. He serves as co-founder and director of Tammy Trade, India’s fastest growing B2B e-marketplace committed to helping manufacturers, farmers and office supplies wholesalers access new markets and obtain best prices for their products.

Tammy Trade is a team of 40 professionals across two metros, with their corporate office in Mumbai. They have already facilitated bulk orders for rice from rice suppliers, paddy, wheat, soya, and maize to name a few, with sales volumes from 200 tons onwards.

Done deals include bulk orders initiated by buyers in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Delhi NCR, and fulfilled by Tammy Trade’s verified sellers across India. Tammy Trade has also facilitated a few cross-border transactions.The startup believes that over 450 done deals across verticals is a true testimony to the momentum generated by the platform and an affirmation of their business model.

Their dream is to empower SMEs and larger players. A Seller on their platform gets instant access to Buyers and does not have to depend heavily on brick and mortar infrastructure and an on-ground sales force. With Tammy Trade, one can Make in India, and sell across the globe. Helping them fulfill their promise is the Nation’s thrust towards Digital India.

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Getting feet on street for achieving success online

Although Tammy Trade is an e-marketplace, they spend a lot of time in the field to meet their potential customers. Some of the most exciting moments include a visit Coimbatore wherein they spoke to local farmers. Just the mention that they can deal with buyers directly and without a middleman made their eyes light up.

In Guwahati, they were left dazed by a sugar merchant (the largest in Assam) who heard their full story, listened to their sales pitch, gave them tea, and finally asked one question: What is today’s price per kg? This taught them that they must address the basics even while they embark on a bigger mission.

Coming to some of the challenges the startup has specifically faced, they have had their own share of struggles. But they have overcome every challenge by believing in their dream and in their venture.

Future Plans

The startup is expecting lots of action in the coming months. Some of them include more sales personnel on the ground, more offices, more international tie-ups and global associates. Higher transaction volumes and more done deals are also envisaged as the number of customers is growing exponentially.

Till now, they have managed with their own funds.  Having strengthened their base and set the pace, they are ready to take off. They are talking to a strategic investor who may take a stake in their company, and also contribute to business development.