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Tata’s ECV To Compete With Mahindra And Mahindra’s Treo Zor
Treo zor is an electrically powered auto rickshaw.

Tata’s ECV is going to be released later this year, created after a lot of research based on feedback. The surveys mainly were on an online platform, asking people about their convenience in using an electric vehicle. 

Thus, The manufacturing thus includes a foot pedal gap, something the buyers are looking for. 

Based on Etrio, the electric truck 

Etrio is a Hyderabad-based startup working on sustainable trucks since 2017. Last year, in August the start-up successfully allied with Tata motors. The existing fuel-based trucks were changed to electric-based trucks. 

More than 21 Lakh trucks were transformed into sustainable trucks through Etrio. 

The concept was a huge hit, reducing about 60% of the driver’s operational costs. Additionally, Etrio’s running range is 120KM along with a 20kWh Li-ion battery. 

Tata’s electric commercial vehicle (ECV) is also going to be based on a similar concept according to the unknown person who reported to Live Mint

Besides, Tata motors are also aligned with Jaguar Land Rover, to release India’s second fully electric SUV.

What the unknown source has to say 

Their work on electric vehicles started 2-3 years back itself. According to the source, “The company is working on some products in the small and light commercial vehicle segment, and quite a lot of work has already been done in the product development space,” 

Though the vehicle is based on Etrio, they have been working on it since earlier. As it is based on customer opinion, Tata’s ECV is expected to be economical as suited for middle-income families in India. 

The source also added, “The electric cargo carrier space will have a lot of potential in the coming years, and that’s why most likely customers have been consulted while developing the products. Ace will be the first one, but there are multiple products lined up,” 

Ace is the Etrio’s truck released last year. The truck is made economical by changing the existing fuel run trucks. However, with cars, the manufacturing is to start fresh, as the pedal gap and other features are to be modified. Also, the commercial vehicle is to have unique additional features, unlike Tata’s Ace. 

The special factor

Tata’s ECV is supposedly going to have an e-commerce site. This system could eliminate the middlemen (outlet dealers), which is highly beneficial for Tata. 

The news is not a new concept, as Flipkart already planned to have ECV fleets through their site. Furthermore, according to predictions, all the online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc are all working on the same. 

Lastly, with quality customer service, Tata’s ECV undoubtedly has the potential to be the best in the country. 



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