Tesla lowers Hardware update price at $1000 that enables FSD subscription

Recently Tesla launched their full-self-driving technology to everyone who has at least hardware 3.0. The cost of the hardware is now reduced from $1,500 to $1,000 so more Tesla owners can update their hardware and enable their FSD anytime they want.

Image credits- Tesmanian

The Tesla cars that are manufactured after April 2019 will have hardware 3.0, which is designed so the cars can run with minimal human involvement. This update is fabricated with Samsung 14nm process. Furthermore, the 14nm process incorporates a total of 12 CPUs operating at 2.2 GHz with 3 quad-core Cortex-A72 clusters. It has many accelerators along with 2 neural processing units operating at 2 GHz and Mali G71 MP12 GPU operating at 1 GHz.

Despite having only 2 neural processing units the hardware requires massive amounts of data that are trained. In the upcoming updates, the hardware update may not be needed. The most awaited update is the software with the supercomputer, Dojo. As the current update is incredible in many ways, Tesla went ahead with the release of their full-self-driving technology.

Tesla car owners get hardware 3.0 for free, for those who bought the Tesla suite ($10,000 package) with hardware 2.0 or hardware 2.5. The website shows, “Tesla cars with Full Self-Driving Capability and Autopilot Computer 2.0 or 2.5 are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the FSD Computer.”

Perfect for a holiday

Those Tesla owners who paid the $1,500 for the recent update will be refunded $500. As for the subscription it ranges from $99 to $199 on a monthly basis. There is no refund option, unlike the previous FSD buy option. Earlier it was decided that FSD should be a buy-out option where the feature was linked to the car and not the owner. When the old Tesla model is updated with the newer version the FSD doesn’t transfer. As the FSD option used to have a price of $10,000, the recent subscription of$199 is attractive. Considering there are many people who rent Tesla cars when on a trip or going for a vacation. Tesla is increasing their customer base by reducing costs in flexible ways.

Once the user cancels the subscription, the FSD will be available for that month from the time they first paid for the subscription. Completely hassle-free, people can use the technology to try and see if they prefer the auto-pilot mode or not.

An interesting thing about this update is that the full-self-driving technology can be used for a limited period of time. Only when the owner wants to use it like during vacation or trip to the outskirts, the FSD comes in handy. However, to subscribe the hardware must be 3.0 version.