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Tesla In-App Insurance Program & Full Self-Driving Subscription

According to the Tesla Engineer, Tesla is planning for in-app features, an insurance program, and a full self-driving subscription. The engineer who loves to reverse engineer stuff confirmed that Tesla is going with these features.

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It was already shared in September 2020, the mobile app features, pay-as-you-go subscription model. Tesla Hacker @greentheonly said that Tesla already has the codes for the model. Also, Elon Musk stated, “I think we will offer Full Self-Driving as a subscription service, but it will be probably towards the end of this year,”

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Furthermore, this kind of in-app subscription model enables users to make conscious subscriptions depending on their budget or need. Also, the Tesla Insurance, safety rating features, and simulator are part of the integrated application. 

The integrated model will be available to customers readily. Avoiding the long phone call talk would soon be possible with Tesla Customers. Tesla isn’t the first one to offer such easy insurance options. Many insurance companies have come up with such options for their customers. 

If a user is using the in-house program, then there will be a safety rating option, linked directly to insurance, in case something were to happen. 

As users can now use only some features like, “navigate on autopilot with automatic lane changes”. This in-app system is much convenient for users. 


Interestingly, the integration will also include a simulator. It enables the app to identify ABS Activation, Hours Driven, and forced autopilot disengagements. Further, it also includes unsafe following time, forward-collision warnings, and intensity of acceleration & braking. 

As stated by the engineer on Reddit, “Performance indicators are based on an average for that factor. The more factors you get into the green the more you’ll save on your premium. Your actual premium will not change more than 50% in a month based on your driving behavior.”

Such precision in the details with the app allows Tesla to refund in case the app wasn’t right for you. Or in case there was an accidental purchase. But, the fun part is they have options like “weekend mode” or “fun mode”, which make is easier for those who need an FSD subscription only on certain occasions. However, more details on the weekend mode are not available yet. 

Finally, there is no information on when Tesla Motors will start charging from smartphone applications. The announcement of software was from Tesla Motors’ profile on Reddit. 

Below is the Reddit post, posted by the engineer who announced the details.

I’ve been doing some more reverse engineering again and here’s what’s next for the Tesla App, Tesla Insurance and the FSD subscription. from teslamotors



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