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Tesla Model 3 Update With Increased Price: Following iPhone?
Tesla prices vary often, but this time with an interior update.

The company introduced a new door trim that extends from the dashboard for its Tesla Model 3. Interestingly, the update was already introduced in their Shanghai production factory in January. Though Tesla is known to change their prices often, buyers often get the advantage of Tesla not having middle-men outlets.

Image credits- Electrek.co

Updates on other models

So far, there is no news on other models. Tesla Model Y will be the same without a door trim. However, the Model Y price was changed only twice, unlike the Model 3 which was changed four times this year.

The other models, Model S and Model X don’t have changed prices. So far the model updates were not even expected for the Model 3, yet the minor change with the price reminds us of Apple’s recent release of new iPhone versions.

iPhone new versions with minor updates

The iPhone 13, the latest version of the iPhone is less popular than the older version. The main reason behind the unpopularity is because both the versions are almost the same with minor differences.

In the last few years, Apple has been known to majorly provide minor updates and give extravagant advertisements about the all-new iPhones. It is true that Elon Musk’s Tesla is known as Apple of the automobile industry. However, the recent updates raise questions like, will Tesla end up selling their future cars with minor updates only??

The world knows that is highly unlikely. Elon Musk’s work is more than just creating a product, they are about providing advanced technology. Besides Tesla, Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Neutralink are other two popular creations. Every one of them has a unique motive, and also be able to provide the best quality to common citizens.

Updates on Elon Musk’s tweets

Known for his tweets impacting Tesla’s share value, Elon Musk recently replied to Whole Mars Blog on the issue of reducing population leading to reduced technology innovation. The conversation later shifted to Radar and Vision, where the questions about having five cameras able to predict a car three cars away from the driver, was answered by Elon Musk.

Though there is no link to the continuous success of Tesla. Surely, Elon Musk’s passion for technology is admirable. Plus, Apple’s iPhone changed after Steve Jobs was no longer there to run the company in 2011.

Every industry is sure of Tesla’s success, but the silent criticism, furious competition with automakers making adorable EVs does raise some doubts. Besides, share market predictors like those from Wall Street have high hopes for Tesla. Advising investors to spend money on Tesla, as their market value is expected to increase in 5-10 years.



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