Tesla owner claims her infant purchased $10K in-app feature
Thus raising doubts on whether the Tesla in-app purchases are that easy to make.

A Tesla owner shared her experience on Tik-Tok. Saying her 10-month-old infant accidentally purchased Tesla’s $10K full self-driving application. When questioned about the bank confirming the transaction through text or call. To which the owner stated that her bank is connected to Tesla with previous purchases and that it is possible without confirmation.

Tesla Is Increasing Full Self-Driving Upgrade Cost To $10,000
Representation of the Tesla FSD purchase. Image credits- Screen Rant.

The Tik-Tok video because the talk of the app because many started joking about how that is even possible. But, there were previous incidents where people complained about “butt-dial incidents”. Elon Musk once replied to such an incident and said the problem will be addressed.

Can this happen?

It started out when the woman claimed “When your 10-month-old purchases the full self-driving package through the Tesla app”. Then said, “And you didn’t know until you checked the bank statement and you find out that this is non-refundable 48 hours after purchase.”

She showed the receipt of the purchase and mentioned why no measures are taken for such situations. Tesla has a 48-hour return policy, any user can easily cancel their purchase and get a refund. Which was fair, considering that everyone usually checks their bank texts. But this was an unusual situation shared on Tik-Tok. It is possible that she didn’t have the time to check and only observed the purchase in her bank statement. (Having a 10-month-old is not an easy job)

As said by the Tesla Owner, “The way Tesla works is, when you purchase a car, you will have an account with Tesla. So when you need to take your care to the service center to get anything repaired, they will have it all on file in your account. So you have a card, and bank account hooked up to your Tesla app. I mean, if you have a Tesla app, you can go and see for yourself. But it’s not a lie.”

Sharing jokes

Not noticing a $10k purchase is surprising because these days everyone received a message on their phone. With every minor purchase through a credit card or other such methods, there is a notification. Furthermore, keeping aside the situation, people joined in sharing their jokes.

One such reply was a conversation between wife and husband where they talk about their purchases, the pros, and cons. In the end, they say, “He said he heard y’all weighing the pros and cons, but at the end of the day, he is the decision-maker in this household,”