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Tesla unveils new robotics program for Austin Community College

Tesla continues to contribute to Texas as they started entering the location for manufacturing and also set up their headquarters in Texas. Austin Community College(ACC) students now get to be part of the new Robotics program from Tesla. Every four to six weeks a set of new classes will start.

Tesla Unveils New Robotics Program for Austin Community College Studen

Image credits- Tesmanian

Tesla continues to make meaningful contributions to the development of the Texas community. Tesla’s first class of the START training program in Austin began in August with new classes starting every four to six weeks and providing students with the skills necessary for a successful career with the company. Tesla is currently teaching about 60 students.

On Friday, the presentation ceremony of the new Robotics program for Austin Community College students took place, shared on Twitter, @GailAlfarATX. It took place at the Riverside campus in Austin and the ribbon was solemnly cut there. Each course of study will last 14 weeks and will prepare students for potential jobs at Tesla. It will help those students who know some things about this kind of work but do not know the technical aspects, to close the gaps in knowledge.

Students and state officials are excited about the new opportunities. “Coming out of the military I do a lot of hands-on work so it was definitely a good step in the right direction of doing something I like to do,” said START student Jacquin Parker.
“It’s a $20 billion part of our economy, as is. But the opportunity to have clean, advanced manufacturing in our city is critical. And crucial to our city, saving its soul, saving its people,” said Austin Mayor Steve Adler touting the program as a solution to the city’s affordability crisis.

“Perhaps the better way to deal with affordability is about creating the right kinds of jobs. It’s creating those jobs where people can ladder up for themselves,” he continued. “The costs of the Tesla training facility at ACC Riverside Campus including the specialized training equipment were covered entirely by Tesla and through state grant dollars awarded to ACC and Tesla from the Texas Workforce Commission. These grant dollars also have supported the costs of tuition for many of the Tesla students to date,” said an ACC spokesperson. Students are paid Tesla employees while they complete the program. After graduation, they are eligible for full-time positions.



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