The Best Mens Haircuts You Should Try This Year

Searching for new men’s haircuts to rock your looks this summer? We have everything you need here. The best haircuts for men should look great on any hair type, face shape, and different lifestyle.

Get your best short, medium, or long haircut here, take it to your barber, and ask him to give it to you. Whether you have straight, thick, curly, or thin hair, you will find a suitable haircut for you here. Take a look at these mens haircuts and choose the right one that will compliment your looks. Good luck.

1. Quiff Haircut and A Skin Fade

This beautiful quiff haircut is a momentous time and is suitable for guys with straight and curly hair. Tell your barber to come up with a skin fade, and you will rock this haircut.

2. Man Bun and Textured Pieces

Take your man bun to the next level by incorporating textured pieces. Using the product is a great look you can easily achieve.

3. Short Textured Haircut and A Fade Haircut

This is a classic haircut for men. Tell your barber to come up with a short-textured hairstyle to rock this style and then create a fade.

4. French Crop Haircut

The French crop haircut is among the mens haircuts that have greatly impacted the men’s hairstyling scene. Tell your barber to create a subtle taper fade hairstyle. 

5. Long Haircut and Layered Hair

This is an excellent style I would recommend for guys with long hair. Take it to a different newer level by including layered hair. 

6. Undercut

To be precise, an undercut is just as it sounds. It is normally paired with other haircuts on top. Some of the trendiest and everyday hairstyles for guys with undercut include fringe styles, quiffs, and pompadours. The undercut brings together long and short haircuts for men, where the sides and the back are trimmed while the manes on the crown are swept off to the side. Sometimes the top hair is combed to the back though and held in position using gel. 

7. Mid Fade

Fades have existed for many decades now. They usually feature long hair on top and short trimmed hair on the sides. As such, the hair is easy to keep. The medium fade haircut implies that the fading of the hair begins in the middle so that half of the hair is long and half is short. 

The hairstyle is suitable for formal and professional events, though it can still be worn for casual events. Men who decide to keep quiet long hair on top usually use pomade to enhance shine and give it more shape. It is also a common haircut for men with natural curls.

8. Crew Haircut

This hairstyle never goes out of version.  It is typically short hair entirely, though, just like many mens haircuts, the top hair is kept relatively longer. This haircut is a popular and preferred haircut by men in professional fields. It is beautiful as well as low maintenance.

You can use pomade to keep the shape and make it look more official, or you can decide to style it messy for a casual weekend. As opposed to most haircuts we have mentioned here, this hairstyle is entirely scissor cut, though clippers are typically used along the ears and the nape.

9. Ivy League Cut

We can call this a small brother of the crew cut. Ivy league is nowadays very common among men. It is a scissor-cut look with short hair left on the sides and long hair on the top. However, a great side part makes it different from the crew cut.  

Generally, the sides are normally short and graduated, and the hair on top is left a little bit longer. These effortless hairstyles of the late 50s provide a clean and professional look.

 It is ideal mens haircuts for guys with thick hair and those needing a professional and low-maintenance hairstyle. You may also add waviness to your style by using the paste on the damp hair and tousling it. This adds depth and texture to your hair.