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The Best Skill-Based Slots to Try Online

Through the years, millions of people have enjoyed playing slot games in arcades, pubs and bars, and the popularity of these games has continued to thrive within the online casino sector.

Most of us think of slots as the ultimate game of chance. A player puts their money into the game, hits the ‘spin’ button and waits to see if luck is on their side. While this description is accurate for the vast majority of slot games; there is a growing number of skill-based slots popping up that are challenging the norm.

So, what is a skill-based slot, and how are they different from the regular slots that we know and love? This article will answer those questions by introducing a few of the leading titles in this niche category. Grab the latest Ladbrokes promo codes to boost your balance before you play them for real.


Developed by Scientific Games and based on the iconic 90s sitcom, the Seinfeld slot was released to a plethora of land-based casinos throughout 2015 and 2016. As this is the official slot, Scientific Games were able to use actual footage from the TV series to make it more appealing to fans. For the most part, Seinfeld is a regular slot; however, it uses a type of motion gesture technology that allows for players to get involved. The skill element comes to the fore in the Festivus Bonus round. Players must shake the virtual pole to win cash prizes, and it is possible to increase your chances of winning the more you practice your shaking.

Safari Match

Synergy Blue – the developer of Safari Match – specialises in arcade wager-based games. You may already be familiar with ZOMBIE$, which is an innovative first-person shooter game created by Synergy that pays out real money. Now, there’s Safari Match – its first skill-based slot.

The game is played on an 8-by-8 grid with players able to move adjacent symbols to create winning combinations – very similar to playing a game such as Candy Crush. When players get a winning line with more than a certain number of symbols, the bonus wheel is triggered that can award players with wins of up to 250x their stake.


Many of us remember playing this game in our youth, yet for those who have never heard of it, Arkanoid is a fast-paced brick-breaking game. However, NextGaming has remastered the original with a real money overlay. Players are in control of their own success or failure in this simple, but highly engaging hybrid arcade-casino game.

Firstly, you must choose the level of difficulty: easy, normal or hard. You then control the paddle at the bottom of the screen to keep the energy balls in play with the objective of breaking the bricks above, and destroying the aliens. There are multiple levels to conquer and if you defeat the BOSS, you’ll be rewarded for your skilful gameplay. While not a slot in the traditional sense, this is a super exciting skill-based casino game that you simply have to try.

Many land-based casinos have rows of skill games these days, and internet sites are following suit. Check out the top online casinos in your country to see what skill slots are on the menu if you’re after a gaming experience with a difference.



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