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The Natural Wash: The Gateway To Modern Ayurveda

Co-founded by director Mr. Akshit Goel and CEO Ms. Shivangi Mittal, The Natural Wash is a Delhi based Ayurvedic brand offering its customers all-natural, chemical-free skin/body/hair-care products.

Started in 2018 as a homegrown operation, TNW maintains its agenda of making more people take the leap from chemical-based products and choose wholesome alternatives, made from real ethnic Ayurvedic ingredients.

Director, Mr. AkshitGoel, born with a silver spoon, chose not to follow the family legacy, and instead decided to follow his passion and create a brand with strong Indian roots. His inspiration for chemical-free and natural products spurred from his mother’s vision and practices. His mother encourages organic farming and natural products. He made “earn customers, not big bucks” his motto for this company.

CEO, Shivangi Mittal, always admired the natural beauty of her grandmother who possessed beautiful, blemish-free bright skin even in old age. The realization that her grandmother used only traditional Indian remedies to pamper her skin was enough to inspire Ms. Mittal to come up with a brand that offers nourishing skin/body-care products which find its roots in Ayurveda and age-old Indian ingredients.


The brand takes pride in itself on utilizing Ayurvedic remedies perfected over the ages to provide more wholesome offerings, rather than the promise of instant beauty and “fairness”, made by many chemical-based competitors. Offerings include Steam Distilled pure Rose Water which works as a natural skin toner, removes makeup, and hydrates the skin without any alcohol in it. Whereas, TNW Onion Hair Oil is an amalgamation of 19 ingredients that helps boost hair growth and the brand’s Beetroot Lip Balm is a lip care product made out of beetroot and natural butters.

TNW Steam Distilled Rose Water

The brand differentiates itself from competitors in three key ways. Firstly, it aims to provide natural alternatives at affordable prices, so that the switch from chemical products isn’t a hindrance. While the market is choc-full of competitors offering Ayurvedic products, on average, these are considerably more expensive than chemical alternatives. TNW hopes to bring Ayurvedic Beauty Care to the masses. Secondly, the company delivers soaps, shampoos and other products that are Sulphate-free and Paraben-free, two of the most commonly used chemicals in the personal care industry. Thirdly, TNW provides the convenience of age-old recipes of natural care in a modernized form, or, Modern Ayurveda as they say.

From a home-grown company, TNW has blossomed into a family of around forty employees. Currently, the brand is dedicated to serving through the online market, with the current landscape inspiring more confidence among customers in online commerce. While open to the prospect of funding from reputed companies, TNW is committed to investing in their quality products, with new offerings and launches on the horizon.




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