This new virus could empty your crypto exchange wallet automatically

This new virus could empty your crypto exchange wallet automatically

Crypto exchanges are not safe in themselves, and now a new virus has been found that could empty your exchange wallet automatically. It is called Rilide Masquerades and is used as a G-drive extension that can let hackers do a bunch of things. They can scour through your browsing history, take screenshots and, worst of all, withdraw your funds. All Chromium-based browsers like Edge, Opera and Chrome are vulnerable to this new virus.

Crypto hodlers are in danger

Spiderlabs, the company that reported this new virus, says that it fools users into giving their two-factor authentication code by showing them forged dialogue boxes. Once it gets access to the user’s crypto account, withdrawing the funds is a piece of cake. Crypto holders do not even have any idea that their account has been compromised, and till the time they know, it’s too late.

Talking about where the virus came from, it was found that many extensions of similar types are on sale. In fact, because of some payment dispute, a part of its code was also leaked in an underground forum.

Two malevolent campaigns resulting in the installation of the Rilide extension were discovered by the researchers. The first campaign utilized a module that contained a coded blob of data holding the Rilide loader’s URL. The second campaign, on the other hand, involved the execution of the payload via the start-process PowerShell cmdlet, which was hosted on Discord CDN and saved to the %temp% directory.

How does the virus work?

If Rilide identifies a Chromium-based browser, it utilizes a Rust loader to install the extension. The loader modifies shortcut files that open the targeted web browsers by adding the parameter –load-extension, which directs to the dropped malicious Rilide extension.

To enable the extension to execute an attack and load external resources that would typically be blocked by the Content Security Policy (CSP), the malware’s background script adds a listener to specific events and removes the CSP directive for all requests.

Rilide’s crypto exchange scripts include a withdrawal function that operates in the background. To obtain the user’s 2FA code, a forged device authentication dialogue is presented while the withdrawals are being processed. Additionally, if the user accesses their mailbox using the same web browser, email confirmations are replaced on the fly, leading the user to unknowingly provide the authorization code.

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