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Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit going to Debuts in Maharashtra

Trescon World Blockchain Summit – Indian Edition will now assemble Indian key policymaker’s government authorities, enterprises, IT Giants, and startups to discuss the recent trends in enterprise-grade blockchain solution for both the governments and blockchain. The top speakers are VivekDeep, Bharat, and Kaustaubh.

With more than 50% of the Indian states being involved in the Blockchain based projects, the government is now showing a major drive in a commitment by exploring the real-world use cases to build the nation digital economy.

Commenting on the increasing adoption of Blockchain, Kaustubh Dhavse explained, “Since the Government is now actively exploring opportunities to deploy blockchain technology across many sectors, it is a crucial time for us to learn from the best use-cases and success stories within the global blockchain community. We are hoping that Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit can help pave the way for India to be the next blockchain powerhouse of the world.”

Some of the major areas for the discussions at the summit will include the ‘The adoption challenges for enterprises’, the ‘Legal and regulatory landscape’ in India and ‘The potential of Blockchain in the BFSI sector’.

Source: Trescon



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