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Stories @ Techstory – Weekly Roundup !

This week on Techstory we covered startups with a niche focus. The five startups we covered this week include Farm2Kitchen, ApneAreaMein,RoomLion, FABBAG and MyNoticePeriod. Farm2Kitchen and ApneAreaMein are success stories in their own areas . RoomLion, FABBAG and MyNoticePeriod are the fast growth stories that every entrepreneur dreams of. A quick roundup of these stories on this weekly roundup.


Farm2Kitchen – Building healthy India. One kitchen at a time !

One of India’s oldest and fastest growing online organic foods store, Farm2Kitchen, is now present is 250+ cities across the country, has set up its first physical store and is soon venturing into the organic products space to deliver affordable organic food in the country. The story of Farm2Kitchen as Techstory.in talks to the founder and CEO, Seema Dholi !

Read full story at  : https://techstory.in/farm2kitchen/

ApneAreMein – A web directory that serves all your local needs !

ApneAreMein is a highly area focused web directory that lists all necessary services within an area and allows people to find a solution to their problem locally. It also acts as a platform for various businesses to advertise within the community.

Read full story at  :  https://techstory.in/apnearemein/

RoomLion – An online portal in the niche area of service apartments for the business traveler.

Former Google employee, Ashish Agrawal, creates online portal for service apartment discovery and bookings, RoomLion, to solves the accommodation related problems of the frequent business traveler!

Read full story at  :  https://techstory.in/roomlion/

Indian consumers get introduced to some of the best beauty products with FAB BAG !

IIM MBAs, Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee are building one of the fastest growing companies in women’s beauty and wellness segment. The story of FAB BAG on Techstory.in

Read full story at  : https://techstory.in/fabbag/

MyNoticePeriod – Connecting recruiters to the Real Job Seeker !

Ex Yahoo employees Manjunath Talwar and Abhijeet Khasnis create one of India’s most promising job sites – MyNoticePeriod.com – to solve the big problem of recruitment for organisations !




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