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What To Know Before Having Your Newly-Bought Car Shipped

If you recently got a new car from a dealer in another location and are eager to have it shipped to your residence, there are considerations to remember when it comes to the vehicle delivery process. An option worth looking into is hiring a professional shipping company.

Similar to requesting other types of services, it’s crucial to carefully look for quality shipping solutions. It’s also a must to fully understand various aspects about them such as their possible costs, timing concerns you might encounter, and peak seasons in the industry.

If you want to have a hassle-free experience with the delivery of your car, here are several things you should be aware of:

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You Need To Do Your Homework 

Once you’ve decided that having your brand-new car shipped is better than picking it up yourself, it’s best to look for options available to you. You should determine what other clients have to say about the companies you’re considering and check their website to learn more about their services. You can also choose to talk to their customer service team over the phone for more information.

To find reliable reviews, it’s a good idea to visit websites such as Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.

Asking The Right Questions Is Important

Upon receiving a quote for a shipping service, you should ask if the insurance and similar expenses are already included in it. Don’t forget to ask if the price is likely to change.

Keep in mind, however, that looking at their service rates alone isn’t a good way to gauge whether you should go for a certain company. Always check the reputation of every prospective provider on your list.

In many instances, you’ll get what you’re paying for. Vehicle delivery companies that charge a lower price might have mediocre insurance policies or outdated equipment with inexperienced drivers. Finding the right shipping provider is crucial to ensure the safety of your car. It would be best to turn to a reliable provider like eShip Car Shipping to help with your specific shipping needs.

Assessing The Insurance Of The Hauler

Generally, standard auto insurance may not cover your vehicle as it’s being shipped to you. That’s why you have to ensure that the shipping service company you’ll choose has excellent insurance coverage.

Don’t hesitate to request a copy of the provider’s insurance. Some companies even have that sort of information readily available on their website. It would be best to determine the level of coverage your vehicle will get before allowing it to be shipped. In case you feel that the company’s policy is inadequate, you can ask about increasing the coverage, or you can switch to a different auto hauler.

The Type Of Carrier To Be Used

There are differences between an uncovered and covered carrier. A bare carrier is available at a more affordable rate than a covered one, but it will expose your vehicle to various elements. If you have the budget for it and the safety of your car is your main concern, particularly if you’ve bought an expensive or rare model, you should opt for a covered carrier.

Booking In Advance

It’s best to book ahead of time, especially if the peak season for auto transport is around the corner, so you can avoid issues with the delivery time. Depending on the distance between the dealer and your home, you can’t predict if delays will occur along the way. That’s why you should give the company enough time to ship your vehicle.

You Should Watch For Any Red Flags 

See to it that you get proper answers to all your questions or concerns. If a company seems hesitant or unwilling to disclose anything, consider this a red flag and an indication of how communication will be during the delivery process.

Another red flag is when the company requires a deposit. Reputable and trustworthy providers don’t ask for a deposit but rather ask for payment upon pickup or delivery of the vehicle. The latter approach allows you to ensure that you’ll get exemplary service and serves as a way for you to back out if the company fails to meet your expectations.

Understanding The Payment Options

When selecting a shipping provider, you should determine when you have to pay, the person who’ll receive the payment, and the available modes. In general, you’ll pay the driver upon delivery with cash, a postal money order, or a cashier’s check. With some companies, you can pay via Mastercard, Visa, or Discover card.

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Always remember that shipping your vehicle is a big decision to make. It would be best if you took the time to get information about each of your options, from their history to their shipping rates, so you can find a company that’ll be able to address your specific needs and keep your vehicle in perfect condition at the same time.



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