The Wuling Mini EV Cabrio

Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV Cabrio probably the world’s smallest cabriolet
With a range of 280 km, it is prices at $14,040

In 2021 the Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV Cabrio was unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. It is potentially the smaller cabriolet in the world. The brand promises a range of 280 km and the vehicle is priced at $14,040. This year the company revealed Mini EV Gameboy and last year it was Mini EV Macaron.

Image credits- Car News China

The dimension of the small cabriolet electric car is convertible and measures 3,059 mm in length, 1,521 mm in width, and 1,614 mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 2,010 mm. Unlike the Mini EV hatchback, on which it is based, the cabriolet is a compact Twin-seater. The foldable soft top mechanism is accommodated behind the front-row seats. In the terms of design, the car appears with a compact and small boxy shape.

Unlike the four-seat Mini EV hatchback on which it’s based, the Cabrio model is a strict two-seater as Wuling had to accommodate the folding soft top mechanism behind the front row. Speaking of the soft top, it comes in red or black, while the bodywork is available in three colors: blue, green, and black model comes with a host of updates as compared to the iteration unveiled in April last year. It has block-shaped headlamps, new LEV daytime running lights, and higher roll bar options- Blue, Green, and Black. The auto manufacturer has removed the lower door panels from the latest model.

Other details

Inside the convertible’s cabin, the car features the same dashboard as the Mini EV hatchback except for a slightly different instrument cluster display. Apart from that, the steering wheel, door trims, and center console appear the same. Coming on the mechanical front, the small EV is equipped with a single electric motor that is good to churn out 40 hp of peak power and 110 Nm of Torque as well. The motor is fitted to the rear axle and draws energy from a 26.5 kWh battery pack. The car promises to run 280 range on a single charge. Compared to the version unveiled in April 2021, the Mini EV Cabrio boasts several updates, including the big blocky lights featuring a new DRL signature, higher roll bars behind the seats, and the removal of the door lower panels.

The base price is RMB 99,900 ($14,040), making it one of the most affordable convertibles in the world. For the money, customers get a single motor electric powertrain good for 30 kilowatts of maximum power and 110 Newton-meters of torque. The 26.5 kWh battery pack ensures a 280 km range on a single charge. The car can run at a top speed of 100 kmph, and it can sprint 0-50 kmph in eight seconds, claims the automaker.