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You can now Uber your way to booking a COVID-19 vaccine


Source: USA Today

Uber-Walgreen COVID-19 vaccination support-

Uber has recently announced to be in partnership with a multi-channel health and wellness start-up, Walgreens on the COVID-19 vaccination program for several months now, the newest advancements in their pandemic support initiative is “Go Get”. You just reserve an appointment at the clinic and simultaneously book a cab at the same time through the Uber application, awesome right?

Multiple sources suggest that users who are reserving their COVD-19 vaccine at the centres and booking a ride to the clinic will be able to select the time of their vaccine appointment according to their own respective schedule, know about the vaccine that they’ll be injected with from different options as is approved by the government.

Getting the vaccination is no more a hassled task, a simple three-step process that can save your life from the threat that has been lurking down our throats. The ride-sharing company in partnership with Walgreens has enabled this feature throughout the United States, starting today.

Uber’s initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic

According to multiple reports, Uber has been very actively announcing new features to make people’s lives a little bit better. From offering free rides to creating a Vaccine Access Fund, the ride-sharing company is doing all that it can to stop the spread of novel coronavirus and drive its customers through the tough times.

Engadget reports that both of these above-mentioned companies have been working together since earlier this year. Uber has been actively involved in helping out the U.S. government in their vaccination drive by even offering free and heavily discounted rides.

If you look at it this way, if it wasn’t for Uber, how would people commute without worrying about personally driving and getting to places?

Back in December 2020, the ride-hailing start-up also offered to provide over 10 million free or heavily discounted rides in the United States.

Other than this, Vaccine Access Fund was also created by Uber in partnership with Local Initiatives Support Corporations and PayPal, wherein anyone can donate money for more free rides to appointments for people who need them, especially those who come from vulnerable areas.

Uber’s Go Get event- 

The ride-sharing company from San Francisco says that their newest vaccine reservation and booking feature is a part of their “Go Get” initiative that is primarily focused to bring back the “normal” in life. As things have started to go back to normal with more places to explore and no more lockdowns, Uber aims to help its customers to get the things that they want in order to slowly recover back to their normal pre-COVID-19 lifestyle. Thus, the company named this event “Go Get”.






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