Zoho joins ONDC, an initiative helping sellers to set up online stores
To assist companies in utilizing the platform and implementing it so they may reach a larger audience, Zoho has joined the ONDC network.

As a technology service provider (TSP), the software company Zoho announced on Wednesday the integration of its e-commerce platform named Zoho Commerce with the government’s Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) initiative.

This will enable sellers, including small businesses, to take advantage of the open network and increase their customer base. Businesses can create their own online store, collect orders, keep track of their inventory, process payments, handle shipping, market their brands, and do data analysis with the help of Zoho Commerce.

According to a statement from the firm, Zoho Commerce users in India will be able to sign up for ONDC with just one click and promote their items across various platforms with equal visibility. In addition, retailers will receive support from it for joining the network and for effortlessly integrating their inventory with the buyer-side applications powered by ONDC.

Anand Nergunam, Vice President, Zoho Corp, Revenue Growth, commented, “We believe that ONDC will create a level playing field for small businesses and other sellers who have been vastly under-represented in the sector’s growth in recent years.” 



By providing a fair and secure platform that brings together various sellers, buyers, and logistics partners, ONDC will help vendors to take advantage of the expanding e-commerce sector in India. Although to be a part of the seller on ONDC, all the small vendors and sellers must have an online store.

By integrating more products from its own portfolios, such as Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory, the company said that it would improve its participation in ONDC.

Besides Zoho, other TSPs on ONDC

Other TSPs on ONDC besides Zoho included Noida-based e-commerce site development company ENS Enterprises, NowFloats, which lets companies to have a location-tagged online presence, and solutions for customers from another e-commerce store builder Plotch.ai.

According to the ONDC portal, GlobalLinker and Shopalyst are two seller TSPs that are currently integrating with ONDC.

The news broke a day after T Koshy, the CEO of ONDC, declared that the open network would carry ODOP items from Uttar Pradesh to Bengaluru City within the next week.

Through buyer apps that are a part of the ONDC network, ONDC opened its network to customers in Bengaluru in September of this year, allowing them to make orders in two categories—groceries and restaurants.