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4 Casino myths debunked


Betting, whether in a land-based location or online, has been the ideal myth booster environment for centuries. Since myths are feeding off conspiracy and superstitions, and when you consider the apparent house advantage, the imaginations of people go beyond what is reasonable and they can come up with the craziest of theories. These myths are usually in the back of any gambler’s mind, even though there is no logical proof of them being true at all. Nowadays, we are looking into the various myth alternations that surround the most preferred casino game, casino slots. If you happen to be one of those people that believe these myths to be true, we are here to reveal the truth.


  • Myths that are space and time related


This category is the most common one as far as myths are concerned. This is probably it is not completely absurd, and they have a fair history. Gamblers believe that the chances for better pay-outs are higher during specific times of the day, for instance, early morning, over weekends, and during holidays. Or the pay-out rate dictates the precise position of a slot at the casino location. The top myths include:

  • Progressive jackpots always hitting during weekends as opposed to weekdays.
  • Exact slots have various pay-outs in different casino locations.
  • Slots pay more during the slow times as opposed to busy periods.
  • Slot machines that are place in heavy traffic areas (exit/entrance) have higher pay-outs than those in quieter spots or vice versa.

The list goes on. All the myths mentioned above though is far from the truth. All slot machines have an RNG (random number generator) built-in, which means every spin is independent from external influence. The probability of winning stays the same and is dependent on the defined randomness.


  • Myth about hot and cold slots


This refers to the hot and cold slot machine cycles, which is normal. If you are under the impression that a specific slot is usually cold or hot bases on your present winning/losing streak, you are wrong. Slot machines are completely random, and nothing can change that.


  • Myths about jackpots


Many people think that a slot that has just had a jackpot pay-out, will not do so sometime soon. However, RNG is one hundred percent unpredictable, therefore anything is possible. The second myth that people often believe is that if one person has had a prolonged losing streak at a slot, then the next person is likely to hit the jackpot. This is an illusion, however. Hitting the jackpot-winning spin, is a matter of pure luck.


  • Myth about the casino being in control


Many gamblers secretly think that the casino is supposedly regulating game settings to fit their own interest. Slot machine players often think this after having a long losing streak. This is simply not true. You are betting against the house and the house is in control. Often, slots are rented by the casinos. Players are at the mercy of the random number generator, leaving it up to good old-fashioned luck.



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