Photo by Ann H
Photo by Ann H

5 Easy Ways to Solve Puzzles Using Simple Tricks

Puzzles have always been the favorite game of people for a long time. This fantastic game combines critical thinking, fun, decision-making, and logical skills, creating a thrilling experience for the players. That’s why many people still love different types of puzzle games despite the emergence of many new games that are very popular. Remember when the cubic puzzle turned into a phenomenon, and you would see people solving this puzzle on television shows also? However, now the world of puzzles has changed a lot for the better.

Now the cubic and jigsaw puzzles have been digitized, and you can find many more online puzzle games on different sites, including soft and hard competition puzzles. However, sometimes, solving these puzzles is like banging your head against the wall. Yes, some puzzle games are that difficult. So, do you want to enjoy puzzle games and come out victorious without getting a headache? This article will help you.

Photo by Ann H
Photo by Ann H

Here are a few tips for breezing every puzzle-solving game:

Analyze the Game

This is the first step of every puzzle-solving game: analyze the whole game critically before making any move. You can’t solve the puzzle unless you know what it is about. If you are solving a jigsaw puzzle, it could be a doll, farmhouse, or any other complex image. So, first, figure out what the mystery is about. Once you get the idea of the thing, it becomes easier to understand the game plan and develop a map in your mind. 

Otherwise, it would be just like you are trying to come out of the maze with closed eyes. It’s way too tricky. So, open your eyes by understanding the different conditions of the puzzle to know where you should begin and how to solve it.

Make a Plan

After analyzing the plan, next, it is time to make a robust plan to begin. The biggest mistake people make is playing randomly without thinking about where to begin. They start with a random guess about the puzzle that comes to mind. Result? Such random moves aggravate the puzzle sorting possibility more than making it easier to solve. So, the best way is to create a plan and start from one side instead of being everywhere on the board. It will keep things streamlined and the game on the right track to success. 

Use the Clue Option

Well, there is a reason that most online puzzle games come up with hints and clues options. And the reason is to make things easier and help you escape the dead end. For example, you can easily find a hint option if you are playing Sudoku. Similarly, you can get directions in many other games if you get stuck somewhere. However, nothing can beat the fun of playing and winning without hints. However, many don’t like losing the game. So for those, these hints are not a fancy feature of games; use these options and ease your tension – and win.

Guess Work

Sometimes, your planning, strategy, and mapping out don’t work. That’s the worst scenario because you are left with no option, and it feels like you are choked in the middle. That feeling is understandable, but don’t give up. Try another thing: guesswork! Try different options and check if they help solve the equation of the puzzle. This way, you check multiple options and get closer to the winning point. So, guess and fit is a hidden trick that might sound absurd, but it does wonders once applied, as minusing different options takes you closer to the suitable options of winning.

Don’t Exhaust Your Brain

If you are very passionate about winning, then your thinking, logical processing, and critical abilities are used a lot in the puzzle game. It’s great that you are passionate about winning, but don’t drain your brain. First, come on, it is just a game. Don’t take too much stress. Enjoy it, relax, and you will find a way with deliberation, consistency, and calmness. 

Second, over-exhaustion will tire and annoy you. You know the tried and trusted rules and tricks to solve a puzzle. So, use them and enjoy.

The next question is where to start playing these games. Technological advancement has made it more accessible. You can find many online sites to play puzzle games, like the below given:


As the name implies, I’m-a-Puzzle is all about a world full of so many jigsaw puzzles that never let you disappoint with amazing graphics and gameplay. What makes this site so unique is it offers you the opportunity to make a puzzle of a picture of your choice. You can upload a photo of your choice, which will turn into a puzzle. Moreover, the puzzle of the day feature takes the jigsaw puzzle fun to another level. Complete the mystery at the lowest time and stand out from the rest of the players.


Arkadium is another fun place to quench your puzzle-playing desire without spending a dime. It is free! The best thing about this site is it keeps people involved and motivated to play this game because it offers various deals according to different occasions. It is a great marketing tactic, but even without these tactics, this site is popular among puzzle players. From familiar games, like sudoku, and jigsaw puzzles, to different crossword games, Arkadium is the best option to try. 


Solving puzzles is an old game, but with new technology, unique features, user interface, and better games, puzzle game mania has returned with more power. You can enjoy different puzzle games on your phone or tab, anywhere, anytime you want. It might not be easy to sort out some puzzles, but don’t give up. Where there is a will, there is a way, and you can find this way by using some tricks. So don’t forget to employ the tricks mentioned above to ace every puzzle game.

Now you know the gateway to winning every puzzle. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.