Elon Musk tweet

A tweet by Musk that proves that he is more focused on the details rather than the bigger picture.

Elon Musk is known for his rather brusque and eccentric responses that are sometimes not in the right taste. Or who are we kidding, which are not in the right taste most of the time. It is not a matter of surprise that somebody as influential and popular as Musk reacts to affairs of global concern. Given the magnitude of his influence, it would be more surprising if he doesn’t respond. And respond, he does, often in ways that make people wonder about the workings of the brain of the person behind the tweet. Or perhaps the eccentricity is a result of speaking out with filters. The latter is a rather commendable attribute. Speaking without a mask is not something that everyone is capable and recently, what started a string of responses was a tweet by Musk that took offence at a group that failed to wear masks. And when I say group, yes, I am talking about the Taliban. Here is the tweet that clearly indicates that Mr Musk pays attention to the smaller details rather than being concerned about the bigger picture. It is Elon Musk after all.

And he did not stop there.

The What, How and Why

Elon Musk seemed clearly disturbed at the fact that the Taliban militants were not wearing masks given the pandemic raging. Although it is a significant concern and quite valid particularly in a context where the world is still in the clutches of this wretched pandemic, it seems like the Tesla CEO was oblivious to the bigger picture which would have been the major concern for the majority of people looking at that picture.

The news of the Taliban taking over Kabul following the retreat of the US troops had caused raging concern worldwide owing to a horrifying past that those in Afghanistan have still not forgotten. It even gave rise to and is still giving rise to humanitarian concerns and the possible outcomes of an oppressive rule. Given this rather serious context, Musk’s comment might have been a bit callous. There is a certain limit to being eccentric too. Then again, that is a topic open to debate. Paying attention to details is wonderful. Perhaps, it would more effective if the time and place are taken into consideration. Taking a diplomatic stride, Musk might have felt the need to address an issue that seemed to be lost in the frenzy of the major issue. Either way, it did elicit a string of responses from Twitter users. Let us take a look.

Somebody is addressing what is to be addressed.

It is hard to tell if this is even a valid response.

Perspectives are good. Propriety is an even better prospect. Perhaps it is better to pay attention to the latter first.


Now that is a revelation.