An Entre-Preneur and A Want-A-Preneur; In Which Category You Fall

An Entre-Preneur and A Want-A-Preneur; In Which Category You Fall?

An Entre-Preneur and A Want-A-Preneur; In Which Category You Fall

Entre-Preneur and Want-A-Preneur!

Did you get the difference? No, I am not talking about the alphabetic character.

The real difference between two is the ability to monetize. Where the entrepreneur mindset is to spend their money to make more money, everyone else spending their money to get the most utility.

When most other people are ending up their multi-million earning to buy a house, a new car or more stuff, for an entrepreneur all money is a means of making more money.

There are so many people who do not aspire to work in a big company and decided to leave the white-collar jobs. They would prefer to have their own business to reach the success.

It seems pretty simple to become an entrepreneur. But trust me it’s not easy to be an entrepreneur. It’s a journey which everyone has to go through. Entrepreneurship is a diverse and rewarding world, even so, there are certain hallmarks of the entrepreneurship acquaintance that everyone goes through at one point in the journey of being an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur Or a wantrepreneur, which one is you?

#Want-A-preneurs are the individuals who want to be entrepreneurs. Unlike an entrepreneur, they are just on ‘want’ level; talking about managing and organising businesses but actually never does it.

#Entre-preneur is a driver who takes the initiative usually with considerable risk for organising a venture. They are more seen as a business leader and innovator of new business ideas.

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Are you already an entrepreneur or wanna be one?

A lot of people introducing themselves as entrepreneurs and include a little in their media profiles. But many of them are not actual entrepreneurs. Rather you can call them wantrepreneurs.

An aspiring entrepreneur is what termed as want-a-preneur, yet not taken the plunge. The fact is that most of the entrepreneurs don’t last. All entrepreneurs were once want-a-preneurs, but every want-a-preneur will not become an entrepreneur.

There is a huge difference between an entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur; they want the entrepreneurial life but can’t execute it.

  • Wantrepreneurs are procrastinators; Entrepreneurs are innovators

Unlike wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are flexible and adaptable. They can go the extra mile to accomplish their goals, but wantrepreneurs are obsessed with the up coming perfect idea. They procrastinators and make excuses.

  • Wantrepreneurs wait for the opportunities; Entrepreneurs doesn’t wait around

Entrepreneurs are the doers who don’t wait for the idea, opportunity or funds. They work hard to raise the capital for the business. On the contrary, wantrepreneurs will do nothing other than waiting for the funds they need to get business rolling.

  • Wantrepreneurs get discouraged easily; Entrepreneurs doesn’t accept failure easily

Everyone is not capable of facing the challenges. Want-a-preneurs get discouraged easily when faced the challenges and setback. On the other hand, entrepreneurs take the challenges and problems in stride and learn from their failures.

  • Wantrepreneurs are risk averse; Entrepreneurs are risk takers

The world of business is tough and more competitive, only a handful survive the cutthroat competition. Entrepreneurs are not afraid of taking risks because they understand that risks should be involved to become successful. But wantrepreneurs are averse to risk. They are not a risk taker; they bet on a sure thing.

  • Wantrepreneurs concern about their image; Entrepreneurs concern about their business

Wantrepreneurs play with the image of success, but a real entrepreneur works to live it later on. Entrepreneurs are the hard worker who is busy in working with the success of the business. But want-a-preneurs are looking for the shortcuts to create an image of a successful business without doing anything.

  • Wantrepreneurs make excuses; Entrepreneurs execute it

Every want-a-preneur want to be their own boss but with the employee mentality. They start making excuses when it gets difficult. On the other side, entrepreneurs are more passionate about their work; they are driven to do their best instead of making excuses.

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