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Apple car senior Director leaves to join air taxi startup Archer Aviation

Recently Apple car project has been making headlines as it has been pushing for the release date for their vehicle. Apple’s senior director of engineering in the project leaves the company after working here for three years. Dr. Michael Schwekutsch announced on LinkedIn saying that it is time for a new challenge.

A technical director of the Apple Car project leaves the company - Gamingsym

Image credits- Gammingsym

Dr. Schwekutsch wrote in the LinkedIn post, “After almost 3 years @Apple, it was time for a new challenge. I recently joined Archer Aviation in Palo Alto. Creating solutions for sustainable air mobility will be the next big challenge for me,”

After being part of the Apple car project for three years, the Senior Director of Engineering finally says it is time to go. He will be joining Archer Aviation as Senior Vice President Engineering Propulsion. Scwekutsch also worked at Tesla prior to Apple for almost four years from 2015 to 2019. At Tesla is was part of many developments like the Model X and Model 3 ramp. Also in Tesla, he held many positions over years like VP Mechanical Powertrain, VP engineering, Drive systems & vehicle NVH, and VP Engineering.

Though Schwekutsch’s exit may seem obvious as he continues to look for more challenges. Apple has only started with its progress in the Apple car development this year. However, agreeable Schwekutsch has stood by the companies he was in even during the most turbulent years. Including Tesla when the company had various production challenges during the making of Model X and Model 3 initial production stages. To date, Elon Musk’s production challenges are still discussed.

Until recently Apple car project was assumed to be dead. The company hasn’t made any official announcement but there have been confirmed sources in the various locations who say Apple is working in various aspects. It is known that the company is looking for an automaker who can assemble the parts for them. Apple went to various Asian countries including South Korea and China for the same. Automakers like Hyundai and Toyota were approached by Apple to mass-produce the Apple car.

Also in recent times, the new head of Project Titan (Apple car project) is Kevin Lynch. Under Lynch’s leadership, the project seems to be going forward in an unpredictable way. In a way, as the Apple project is moving toward a surer way, the existence of Schwekutsch is obvious as he is looking for more challenges. An aviation company after working with the initial stages of electric cars and autonomous technology is a challenge that should be passed away.



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