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Mukesh Bansal And Ankit Nagori To Enter Into Healthcare Business

Mukesh Bansal

23 March, 2016, Bangalore: Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, Flipkart’s former employees, who left the company just a month ago, are now all ready to venture into healthcare and sports and fitness business. The duo has managed to pump in US $5 million to start their new business.

As per the media reports, Bansal and Nagori have already started hiring engineers for their new company which will going to get registered next month. In a combined statement, duo said, “We will launch an app over the next year that will help people with their healthcare needs as well as provide sports and fitness services.”

Nagori further said, “India will be a US $3 trillion economy over the next few years, and 7-8 per cent of spends will be on healthcare, sport and fitness, which make them very large categories. The idea behind starting this business is to use technology to scale the business in industries which are waiting for disruption. In future, we may be open to other businesses also. We’ll look at financial services, education, skill-building. The overall charter is to find a way to scale businesses and to touch a billion lives.”

Speaking on teaming up with Nagori, Bansal said, “We had a good relationship at Flipkart and over the past one month or so we had a lot of conversations about what we want to do. There is a clear linkage between healthcare, and sport & fitness. The size of the healthcare problem, in particular, is massive. We are looking at a 10-year horizon in these businesses.”

Image- Business Insider

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