Virtual Reality is breaking the barriers as well

Everything You should know about Bharat Metaverse
Bharat Metaverse that represent India in The Virtual World

Bharat Metaverse is a vision to put India (Bharat) on the map of Metaverse. It is a virtual representation of India’s culture, geography, history, future, and startups. “We’re creating a virtual replica of India that can be accessed through mobile phones, desktops, and VR headsets”, Indian startups stated.

Bharat Metaverse is a decade-long commitment to building a growing virtual India by investing and integrating the metaverse startups from India.

In this virtual India, you can create your own avatar, you can meet people, make friends with people, you can own land, tour the country, build virtual businesses, and create anything in this virtual with limitless and endlest possibilities.

Earlier Facebook Inc also announced about their plan and investment in “Metaverse”. This term “Metaverse” is going upward day by day. At this moment, People are interacting with each other online through various social media platforms , as COVID-19 pandemic.





This idea of Metaverse is attracting to it’s fan and moreover to it’s investor. They see and want to be a part of this next big thing. As an interest of fans and people, if metaverse will be big hit in country like India, it will be generate more investing and business opportunity to the big players.