Venture capital is a crucial part of every economy.

Any economy across the globe cannot afford to take its trajectory ahead as long as you don’t know how & where are the funds are to be managed. The country has been a home to a list of start-ups. But; what’s not noticed is that a lot of  Indian venture firms are looking to invest in companies to make their portfolio more dynamic.

The Indian Venture capital firm; Ivy Cap Ventures has invested Rs. 15 crore in Bidgely. To know more; let’s get into details



The company is a leader in the Indian venture capital market that manages a huge fund of Rs.1500 crore. The main focus is to leverage the global ecosystems that exist with a view to drive the nation forward. They help to make a market of technology-driven companies. The main sectors that the company tries to invest into are:

  • Deep Tech
  • Consumer Tech
  • Fin Tech
  • Health Tech
  • Ed Tech
  • Agri Tech
  • SaaS

They have more than 65 mentors that are ready to offer their core experience in case of scale-up & execution. They have an altogether equipped alumni network that makes sure that the connections are well established as per the market requirements. The prominent highlighting features are:

  • Alumni Network
  • Mentor Program
  • Ivy Camp
  • High Quality governance structure
  • Robust system

$200 million alumni

30 investments

5000 IIT/IIM Network

65 Credible mentors

20 Institutional Investors

The company that have been invested in are Purplle, Clovia, Bluestone, Luci Data, Clovia, E-shakti, Pharmarack, ConvoSight , Singularity, Fing Pay, Vinculum, Lend box, Expertrons, Trill Bit and Biryani By Kilo.



The company was founded in 2011. The location is based in Silicon Valley that too in a garage having data scientists, engineers, salespeople and marketers. The company is in growth phase and is trying to expand in various regions like North America, Europe & Asia Pacific. The solutions offered are digital customer experience, Virtual Energy Assessment, EV Solution, Small Medium Business. The prominent investors are:

  • Constellation technology Ventures
  • Commonwealth Edison
  • PECO

The company has close to 30 utilities & energy retailers helping them to cope with market competition through the artificial intelligence analytics.  The company has close to 17 patents.



The Bidgely company has a plan to enter India to transform the way the energy segment of the country functions.

 ”Bidgely’s experienced team and patented technology has brought immense value to its customers in other geographies and we are extremely happy to be working with founders and existing investors in its scale up journey hereon,” Vikram Gupta ;Founder and Managing Partner at Ivy Cap Ventures said.


Bidgely also presented their stake by saying that the funding will be used to develop the utility AI platform that comprises of electrification & decarbonization. The more attention will be on analysis on data points that help us to interact with various insights into consumer insights.

The question always lays straight that how can we succeed if we just keep on opening businesses in every market but not thinking about the untapped market that deals with financing of those.

Ivy has definitely given a big signal that start-up is not only of advantage for the customers; it can give you immense opportunity to set up your own niche.