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Blizzard is giving free Overwatch Battletag change until November 5Th

Activision Blizzard is offering Overwatch players a free chance to change their own Battletag names. Players on Battle.net can set Battletags associated with their Overwatch account on Battle.net for free until November 5th, 2021. Till that date, you can change all battle tokens associated with this account free of charge.

free Overwatch Battletag change until November 5Th

Credit @ Activision Blizzard

Overwatch provides players a free name change to follow Cole Cassidy, whom got a change from his old name of Jesse McCree in the footsteps of Cole Cassidy. The change comes after a workplace harassment lawsuit filed by Blizzards, which asked for a name change in July after McCree became embroiled in the infamous Cosby affair. The right to a free name change is open to all players with existing battle tags, but watch out for a limit of one free change per account.

Starting today and through November 5, you can change your existing Battle Day name to Overwatch for free time. From today until November 5, players can request a new Battleday from Blizzard and receive the name change requested through the service free of charge.

free Overwatch Battletag change until November 5Th

Credit @ Activision Blizzard

Today, Blizzard announced a new name for Overwatch character Jesse McGree to remove references to former members of the company who have been accused of harassment and other misconduct. Much like one of Blizzard’s most iconic characters, players in different Blizzard worlds wanted to change their names. In order to allow users to simply change their name to the creative team behind the character, Blizzard announced that Battle.net users can use a free $1 change to Battletag.

The free name change was announced not long ago when Blizzard Entertainment announced that Overwatch’s McCree hero will now be Cole Cassidy. Overwatch’s best-known cowboy is now known as “Cole Cassidy” and that will be reflected in the game from October 26.

Overwatch’s McCree hero has a new name, and he’s not the only one who will have the opportunity for people to refer to him by another name. Blizzard Entertainment announced earlier this week that it will offer players a free name change if they want to play another game. As promised by Team Blizzard, McCree’s name will change in Overwatch, and the active McCree on the player list will now be Cole Cassidy.

free Overwatch Battletag change until November 5Th

Credit @ Activision Blizzard

Blizzard has previously removed or modified content from World of Warcraft that it considered inappropriate such as character names, article names, and references to McCree and other developers involved in the ongoing process. It’s unclear whether Blizzard plans to change other elements of its other games.

Blizzard announced a change in the way its forums operate way back in early 2010-15s, requiring users to identify themselves by their real name. For example, players would no longer need to create multiple usernames and account for most Blizzard products. Some technology and media companies suggested that displaying a real name and ID would be a good idea that would benefit Battle.net and the Blizzard community.

Overwatch's Mccree

Credit @ Blizzard

Battletags are a way for players to express who they are in various games such as Overwatch, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft. For example, Battle tags can be assigned a numeric ID to create a unique identifier. Battlenet 2.0 is a Blizzard gaming platform and service that provides players with a host of additional features. It offers community features, such as friendship lists and groups for users and allows players to chat with players from other Blizzard games via VoIP and instant messaging. Players will also be able to track their friends “performance and view game history and avatars.

Activision Blizzard announced that Cole Cassidy, the new name for the character McCree, is reminding people that no one can accuse the studio of sexual harassment. Instead, it is former Jesse McCree, who has been named Blizzard employee, who is embroiled in a harassment lawsuit filed in August by the California Department of Fair and Equal Housing.

Activision Blizzard will improve policies, practices, and training to prevent and eliminate workplace harassment and discrimination, including the introduction of an improved performance review system with a new focus on equality. Activision Blizzard will hire a neutral equal opportunity consultant as approved by the EEOC. The results of the consultants will be reported to the EEOC and Activision Blizzard’s Board of Directors.







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