Why Tesla won’t lose sleep over other automakers achieving massive range ratings

Can rivals take over Tesla with better ranges and other specifications?

Over the year, many automakers have announced their breakthroughs with respect to higher ranges and other features. From newer companies like Rimac to well-known luxury brands like Mercedes Benz have proven that they can beat Tesla with its features. However, the question remains of whether Tesla will lose sleep over these achievements. For years, Tesla has been dominating with its better range specification at a reasonable price.

Why Tesla won’t lose sleep over other automakers achieving massive range ratings
Image credits- VOX

Recently Teslarati published an opinion on how Tesla doesn’t necessarily need to ponder the upcoming improved specifications in the industry. Having increased its presence, and continued investment in mining of materials, development of 4680 battery cells, and modifications with Cybertruck. That automaker that which was able to get along without major issues during a semiconductor shortage crisis last year. Not to forget, the advancements in its self-driving technology- FSD Beta, the announcement of Tesla Bot, and revealing details about Supercomputer Dojo. The combined package shows Tesla has always been futuristic and continues to be one.

On the contrary, it is equally true, how Mercedes Benz last December has successfully achieved approvals for hands-free autonomous driving in Germany. The automaker had relatively lesser data on its autonomous driving customers compared to Tesla which has been working with Beta testing for years now.

Meanwhile, General Motors CEO Mary Barra encountered Tesla’s Elon Musk stance on EV credit. During the encounter, Barra mentioned making affordable cars, unlike Tesla where the least priced vehicle is relatively at a higher range for many middle class citizens in the US. Talking about affordable EVs, there is much scope for automakers if the new vehicles are priced at affordable prices.

More specs might not be a solution

Regardless of the achievements each automaker has, the specifications may not be a solution to be at the top. Musk recently stated, “We could’ve made a 600-mile Model S 12 months ago, but that would’ve made the product worse IMO, as 99.9% of the time you’d be carrying unneeded battery mass, which makes acceleration, handling & efficiency worse. Even our 400+ mile range car is more than almost anyone will use.”

Additionally, in a blog post published in 2020, Tesla stated, “Several lessons from the engineering design and manufacturing of Model 3 and Model Y have now been carried over to Model S and Model X. This has unlocked new areas of mass reduction while maintaining the premium feel and performance of both vehicles. Additional weight savings have also been achieved through the standardization of Tesla’s in-house seat manufacturing and lighter-weight materials used in our battery pack and drive units.”

While Tesla’s idea of going ahead with its initial plans seems to be effective. It appears that despite other automakers’ achievements in the field, the achievements of Tesla are largely celebrated. Especially as they have been EV leaders for a long time. By now, it almost seems like, others might come up with better ranges or specifications in the market. But the competition could be similar to the ones GM-Ford-Toyota has in the combustion engine market right now.