Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Can Now Run At 60Fps On Xbox Series X/S

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 has been added to the list of Xbox X and S series FPS upgrades, meaning it will run at a higher frame rate and backward compatibility. The Xbox will introduce FPS Boost on its newer consoles in 2021, which will increase the frame rates of several backward compatible Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. The Xbox S and X series have now added another heavyweight to their list of games that will receive an increase in frame rate with backward compatibility.

The higher and more stable frame rates make the game more fluid, resulting in more intense gameplay. While the Xbox Series X version only supports resolutions up to 900p, the 60 FPS jump provides a much smoother experience than before. Microsoft’s FPS Boost feature has improved a number of games on Xbox Series S and X, but players must ensure their consoles have the latest updates to take advantage of it.

The Xbox versions X and S reach a maximum resolution of 900p at 60fps, just ahead of Full HD, while PS5 owners can also enjoy 60fps. The Xbox One is unable to reach 30 fps, so fans have to settle for 900p resolution and 30 fps. Doubling the frame rate on the X / S series is “a brand new technology that is unique to the game that has been implemented,” said Xbox product manager Jason Ronald.

Dark Souls 3Eurogamer and Digital Foundry tested the upgrade and found it ran at a consistent 60fps, with only a few hiccups when it came to games with the most intense areas. For comparison, the game has been updated for PlayStation 4 Pro to remove the 30 frames per second. The studio confirmed that Dark Souls 3 most of the time ran smoothly, except for a single instance when the framerate dropped to 53 fps.

This is both good and bad news, as the game is still stuck in its initial resolution, but if you own the game on the Xbox X / S series and want a visual boost, it doesn’t matter what you do. Dark Souls 3 aims for 60 frames per second on the new next-gen Microsoft consoles, replacing the 30fps shaky version Xbox One version. Dark Souls 3 players on the Xbox series X and S will be able to experience the action role-playing game at its best now that the PlayStation 5 version of the game has received a boost.

Dark Souls 3Dark Souls III, an action role-playing game, released in 2016 for Xbox One and other platforms, now operates 60FPS on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X S. The power boost is welcome for the game that is still in its early development stages. The acclaimed fantasy titles of Software now play 60 FPS on the Xbox series S and X, enabling players to navigate Lothric and annihilate its unwanted inhabitants at a much smoother frame rate. Fromage’s latest game, Elden Rings, will be introduced at this summer’s game.

With this seamless update, the Xbox X and S series consoles have leveled the playing field as they are now able to ensure a stable return to Lothric Castle and its other 60 fps ranges. This is good news for console fans of the series, as some players struggle with less than consistent frame rates in Microsoft’s games, which can be a real problem when you need perfection, making it difficult to fight and dodge blocks. Dozens of other notable games from past console generations have also received the FPS boost treatment.

Dark Souls 3The official Xbox Twitter account reminds players to restart their console and download the Boost Update for the Xbox Series X / S console to ensure that it works as it should. Unlike previous Boost titles, Grass inherits based on the Xbox One with its strong subpixel detail and lack of temporal anti-aliasing, flickering, and motion settings, including the original resolution of 900p. For Xbox games that support FPS Boost, you can enable the FPS Boost compatibility option in the Manage Game Add-ons settings screen.

Although we are disappointed that the Xbox Series X cannot exceed 900p, we know that the hardware is much better than when the same game ran on PlayStation 5 at 1080p60. The 2016 action role-playing game is considered the best game in the trilogy due to its high speed and involved combat system. The Dark Souls games are five games deep, including Demon Souls and Bloodborne; three of them are so good that they are back, and Dark Souls 3 is back with an FPS boost on the Xbox series X.

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