Data-Driven Solutions and Decision from Startups the Key to Growth

Exciting Data-Driven Solutions and Decision from Startups the Key to Growth

Data-Driven Solutions and Decision from Startups the Key to Growth

Data-driven solutions using the techniques of Data Science have created more furor than one could have expected. In the conflict between gut vs. data, facts vs. opinion, and the old vs. the next; some organizations have managed to find the bliss point and a way to monetize on it.

Now, is it a coincidence or advent of a new era that most of these incredibly innovative organizations are startups? We’ll most probably find that out in right time.

Various online data science courses in the market have made it easier for budding engineers and developers to make a mark in this field.

Right now, let’s have a look at who revolutionized what and how!

Tracking Visual Data for Business Intelligence

Image analytics is something that has been extensively used in a variety of applications, but can it be used for deriving business intelligence? The answer is yes. We’re talking about an artificial intelligence system that not only tracks and surveils specific activities from a video feed but also helps you derive business intelligence from them.

Such an application of artificial intelligence can prove to be extremely helpful for business owners who’re not able to keep a close watch on things affecting their business. Further, it can also provide extremely precious insights that otherwise stand at a risk of being missed out.

Veda Labs is one such organization that has taken a constructive lead on this subject. They developed an AI platform which helps warehouses and retail chains surveil and track using CCTV cameras, and derive advanced business insights from these data streams.

Using AI to Flag and Fix IT Issues

When a server or an IT node crashes, data flow gets interrupted and so do a million other things. If the Google mail server goes down for even five minutes, there would be a huge chunk of very frustrated, probably angry people. Getting the server functional again would be the crucial challenge for even an organization as big as Google.

While Google has its resources, not every enterprise does. But, systems fail in every enterprise. When you are trying to diagnose the problem manually, you’ll have to go through loads of data you didn’t know existed! Even then, it’s a keen eye which will help you find it.

With the standard set of tools, it is not always possible to diagnose and solve the problem and ensure that the problem doesn’t reoccur.

To help with the same, ArchSaber launched their solution which uses AI to detect, diagnose, fix, and prevent issues from happening in these complex IT stacks, in real time. The whole point of this solution is to quickly grasp the issue and fix it ASAP.

Using Enterprise Data to Personalize Operations Management

Operations Management includes everything from inventory management, revenue management and, marketing, transportation management, supply chain management, to risk analysis. Each of these is responsible for generating tons of useful data for any organization.

Such an enormous amount of data has all the potential for overhauling an organization’s operations management processes. Employing AI or deep learning on this data set can help organizations practice customer-personalized operations management.

It can help them overhaul business automation, micro-segmentation, predictive network management, and also provide customer insights for the company’s target audience.

Dataken is one such startup that provides an enterprise level solution for small and medium-sized enterprises to help them evolve from their traditional reactive methods of handling things to a more predictive model of operations management.

Using Image Processing for Pathology Tests

Generally, you go to a pathology lab, give them a sample to test, and then forget about it. In what seems like a millennium, but is actually one to five day, you get your results as well. Owing to the human intervention factor, not only the process is a tad slow, but also there is a margin of error.

Image processing can come in extremely handy in such a situation. A smart AI system can help doctors and medical lab technicians with visual recognition and analysis, thereby, helping them make more accurate decisions, faster.

For instance, SigTuple Technologies Pvt. Ltd. came up with the idea of developing intelligent screening solutions for pathology labs by digitizing pathology slide images and using cloud-based image processing for diagnosis. These solutions are a boon for doctors and patients alike.

Making the Internet More Secure with AI Threat Detection

We might be kidding, but people at Halt Dos Pvt Ltd definitely aren’t when it comes to keeping your systems out of harm’s way.

In more ITisque words, Halt Dos provides you a solution which uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect and effectively terminate any DoS or DDoS attack without needing the human touch, both figuratively and practically.

The more impressive part is, what manually operated cybersecurity solutions solve and eradicate in hours, Halt Dos’ platform does in milliseconds. We think it’s only fair when they call themselves the ‘bouncers’ of the internet.

Great Ideas, but how do they Foster Growth?

Ok, Sheldon, let’s put it in words for you.

With solutions which find new and innovative ways of processing, analyzing, and putting these results to a tangible use, we not only improve our systems and state of technology but also open the avenues for more innovation.

Technological innovation  may only take us so far as to provide us with new and better technologies, like the blockchain, deep learning, augmented reality, virtual reality; but where we go from there, where do we choose to implement these new age wonders, how we utilize the power they provide us, is limited only by our own imagination and creativity.

We can’t simply toss a technology in the face of a challenge we are facing, be it any field. We need to develop a solution, a holistic, wholesome approach to use that technology for our goal.

With these innovations, new and more creative uses of existing technologies, we will make our systems more efficient (for example we can consider how machine learning powered, data-driven BI is improving advertising campaigns and lending them a new edge with intelligent segmentation techniques), and find out if there is more to be done.

There is always more to be done!

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