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Drone delivery might become a reality in the US very soon

We all have heard about drone delivery, and it does sound interesting. But there are a lot of things to be kept in mind before completely switching to this form of distribution. Among which the main concern is safety and the set of rules that the companies have to comply with. Though now, with the new rules set by the US government, we are much closer to this becoming an actual thing.

The new drone delivery rules

Rules set by the government are very simple, and it won’t be difficult for companies to comply with them. First of all, every drone used for delivery should be associated with a Remote id. The government can use this to track the drones and their control stations. And if these drones are used at night to make deliveries, then having anti-collision lights and have no exposed rotating parts which is a must for safety. Additionally, it is important to note that only trained pilots with a license can fly a drone.

Drone delivery

Image Source: Kinaxis

These rules set by the government address all the safety and security concerns and is also a step in the right direction. Now, we are much more closer to using drones for delivery purposes soon. With rules becoming very simple and transparent, Amazon and UPS are also testing drone deliveries and trying to perfect them. Since security and safety is the prime aspect when talking about drone deliveries, these new rules might also mean that we can see drones in the airforce too very soon.

There are still more than 2 years before these new rules come into effect. And all new and old drones should comply with these rules within this period. What are your thoughts on the same? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative and interesting, do like and share it with your friends.

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