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Elon Musk replies to Pune techie’s tweet, says he doesn’t even have a ‘burner Twitter account’
Pune techie Pranay Pathole joked about Musk running his Twitter account

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Elon Musk replies to Pune techie, says does not even have a ‘burner Twitter account.’
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This week, Tesla CEO yet again took to Twitter to continue his witty ways in expressing his views on social media. He was quick to respond rather regularly to Pranay Pathole, an Indian residing in Pune, working for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a software developer, on the social media platform. All this while, he has been rather hesitant to bring Tesla to India due to the issue of high customs duty.

On Monday, May 23, he responded to a sarcastic tweet from Pathole on his Twitter account. The Pune-based developer has over 1.6 lakh followers on the platforms, and he joked about Musk running his Twitter account. He said that ‘many people think that’ the billionaire CEO runs his account, joking that it is indeed ‘true.’ Moreover, he noted how Musk is ‘a super busy guy, building rockets, making life multiplanetary, building futuristic electric vehicles, digging tunnels.’ He goes on to remark how despite all of this,  “somehow he finds time to run multiple Twitter accounts. YES.”

Apparently, Pathole and Musk are friends on Twitter, and the billionaire seldom misses a chance to reply to his posts. To the Pune techie’s tweet, Musk, sharing the light mood, stated how he does not even ‘have a burner twitter account!’ Additionally, he noted that he does own a ‘cheesy Instagram account,’ where he can access links that are sent by his friends.’ Twitter users appear rather confused to whether to take this seriously or not owing to the billionaire’s controversial reputation on the platform.

The conversation between Musk and Pathole on Twitter this week:

The first time that Musk ever replied to Pathole was in the year 2018, and their rather humorous exchange of words has continued since then. Reportedly, they even talk back and forth often through Twitter’s feature of Direct Messages (DMs).

According to the Pune techie’s GitHub profile, Pathole is machine learning (ML) engineer. His bio states that he appears rather ‘nerdy’ about Space and Rockets’ on the social media platform. Moreover, he aspires to meet the Tesla CEO, and get the chance to work with him.

“Nerding out about Space and Rockets on Twitter.”

This tweet from Musk comes at the time when his Twitter acquisition deal is surrounded by a host of controversies. These are mainly regarding the issue of spam and bot accounts on the platform, which even led to him putting a temporary hold on the deal.



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