Elon Musk Says Tesla Should “Advertise Informationally”
Tesla doesn't advertise it's products, yet became 16th best selling car in 2020.

Tesla is becoming a global brand at a faster pace. Tesla Model 3 was the 16th best-selling car in the world last year along with fuel-powered cars. Though earlier Tesla board members suggested they work on misleading information. This is the first time Elon Musk publicly spoke on advertising for Tesla, maybe Tesla should “advertise informationally”.

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Shift to Advertising informationally

However, despite becoming a global product with its unique advertising tactics. Elon Musk now says it is important that people know the facts.

It all started out when @tesla_raj posted on Twitter, showing the noise disappearance in Model S Plaid. Where the conversation leads to a better HVAC Firmware which will make it quieter.

But a reply comes with a meme saying Tesla is hiding things from people. Further Elon Musk argues that the HVAC firmware is the best and is currently developed for the car. To which he adds that maybe Tesla should start “advertising informationally”. It is high time to consider some kind of advertisement that the earlier options.

Indeed, this turned out to be a heated conversation. In 2019, the Tesla Board members asked if they should focus on misinformation thrown to media. But Elon Musk was at a loss when it came to changing the media’s perspective. He has always had reservations when it came to advertising. But looks like even he observed the need to change their usual $0 marketing strategy.

A $0 Marketing strategy

Till now Tesla never spent specifically on advertising. It does spend on word-of-mouth and referral advertisement. Which is different from the traditional way of advertising.

It has not been simple for the company to make its customers into advertisers. Having a great purchase experience and customer experience matters. And Tesla stays connect with customers directly through social media, such that there are different Tesla pages and Websites which focus only on Tesla-related news and other information. Each time there is a new update or a new model delivery, some user or the other spreads the word. And the advertising is done.

More things include test rides, press coverage, sustainability mission, cross-promotion when SpaceX launches happen, and many more. Keeping all things connected and highlighting the best features of their cars.

Additionally, as they are going to produce cars in Europe soon, and possibly further expand to Russia and other countries. It is important to get their facts straight. Relying on a word of mouth or referral strategy might do more harm if not corrected.