Elon Musk Latest to Oppose Trump’s Travel Ban

elon musk travel ban
Image- Reuters

08 February 2017, USA:
Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX are among a further 31 companies that have jumped on board to oppose President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel into the United States from seven countries.


The list includes– Tesla, SpaceX, Adobe, Brocade, Evernote, HP, and Slack along with 96 companies that filed on Sunday, which included Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel, Airbnb, eBay, Mozilla, Netflix, PayPal, Reddit, Salesforce, Spotify, Twitter, Uber, and Dropbox.


Musk, the head of the Tesla Motors electric car company and the founder of the SpaceX rocket design and private spacecraft company, said he followed up by also raising the topic of climate change — a global phenomenon that Trump in the past has suggested might or might not exist.

For its part, the Trump administration reached out to the tech industry prior to the president taking office. In December, leaders from Apple, Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon, among others, gathered at Trump Plaza in New York to meet with the president-elect. Before the start of the meeting, Trump complimented those gathered, “There’s no one like you in the world.”

Three weeks after Donald Trump was sworn in, how tech leaders are handling the new administration is under close scrutiny. Tech employees have planned job walkouts and brought up their frustrations in internal forums and at company-wide meetings. (Cover Image- AP)

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