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Esperer Onco Nutrition secured funds from Zenfold Ventures

Healthcare startup Esperer Onco Nutrition (EON) has now revealed that it has secured funds from the strategic investment and venture builder firm Zenfold Ventures. EON brings in a comprehensive nutritional portfolio to oncology.

With the help of newly raised funds, EON plans to expand in the European and US markets, and build a world-class talent pool. EON has already expanded its team of experts in the scientific and R&D departments and plans to add key people in the marketing, finance, and supply chain.

Arun Dubey, a Managing Partner at Zenfold Ventures, said:

“Zenfold’s investment and partnership outlook is sector and stage-agnostic. At present, some of the ventures we are building are in the space of nutraceuticals. We believe EON has a very scientifically-backed approach to nutrition and has strong capabilities to execute the vision.” 

EON is focused on addressing specific health conditions with special emphasis on onco nutrition and intends to offer a 360-degree solution to the global cancer portfolio. This will start the preventive oncology and encompass cancer disease management, with the nutraceuticals as complementary therapy to stage and region-specific cancer patients. It aspires to become a global pioneer.

Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder, and CEO of EON, said in a statement:

“Onco nutrition is one of the critical complementary therapies for cancer patients. EON has several patentable products used to bring optimal efficacy to the main therapy by complementing it with nutrition to add better quality of health and life. Esperer nutri-therapies provide the much-needed body strength for onco patients to overcome the side effect of primary treatment, providing better outcomes for onco-patients. We are thrilled to have Zenfold Ventures as a strategic investor in EON, and this infusion will help us reach more cancer patients in a shorter time.”



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