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Facebook once again caught in a swirl of memes as the company plans on rebranding.

It seems like Facebook is caught in a perpetual web of news and memes. And once again the meme spotlight is shining bright on the company as it plans on a rebranding. Perhaps, Facebook won’t be Facebook anymore. As per the sources who are well aware of the matter, the company is all set to change its name. This is to underscore its focus on building the metaverse. Perhaps, this is an attempt at redemption, for Facebook has been caught in a web of unpleasant controversies for quite some time now.


Torrent Of Memes

Memes are the normal reaction to anything and everything on Twitter. And when the subject at hand is Facebook and Zuckerberg, the meme wave hits with double the force. The new company name is a secret that is guarded with the utmost care in the most clandestine manner. This simply means that the guesswork and speculation will the all the more strong. And people are more than generous with their suggestions and recommendations, with most of them optimistic about “Fakebook.” Now that sounds just about right. Let us flip through a few of the hilarious memes and responses on Twitter ever since the name-change news started doing its rounds.

Now Fakebook sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

So much energy invested in a name.

Is Zuckerberg listening?

Looks like the public has decided on a name already.

Now that meme never grows old.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Did you get the meme?

After all, who doesn’t like a change?

Ever heard of a plan backfiring? Here you go! This is the perfect example.

Again the laugh or cry dilemma.

It looks like the meme flow is unlimited when it comes to Zuckerberg and Facebook, and no, we are not complaining.

He is forever locked in that meme.





















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