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Failed ransomware attack on Tesla: Elon Musk Confirmed

Who doesn’t know about Tesla or Elon Musk? You don’t need to answer that because everyone on the internet does. Tesla has changed the Automotive market forever. Though its vehicles are not the most accessible or competitively priced EVs, it has made many other companies make a move into the industry. Recently, Tesla faced a bungled ransomware attack, confirmed Elon Musk himself.

US department of justice charged Russian national Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, for trying to bribe a tesla employee with $1 million to install malware for him. The employee was from the Nevada-based company. Elon Musk himself confirmed that this was indeed a severe attack. Musk even tweeted regarding the matter, ” This was a serious attack” he said.

Details of the bungled ransomware attack

bungled ransomware attack

Image Source: Forbes

The alleged Russian national kriuchkov took the Tesla employee for drinks and food several times. The idea of the whole operation was to copy the malware in a USB and install it. If successfully done, it would have resulted in Tesla’s data held to ransom for a staggering $4 million.

The Russian tried to convince the employee to help him. He even asked the employee if there was anyone he wanted to get back at by doing this. The employee registered the complaint and worked very cooperatively with the FBI and also recorded their conversations. Therefore, the attack wasn’t successful. FBI arrested the Russian individual on 22nd August.

If this attack became successful, then this could have become a massive setback for Tesla and Elon Musk. But, the dedicated employee didn’t let any greed cloud his judgement.

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